Are You Here For The Cute Stuff?

I guess I pretty much have it all. By that I mean a healthy, awesome baby. That was essentially the goal, when I started out in this space – damn, just about three years ago. This blog became a place for me to voice my fears and vent my frustrations in confidence, and I’ve been very grateful to have it. Most of what I have to say these days though (when I get a chance to say anything) just doesn’t fit. All the milestones and cute pictures, those are all things I do want to share with people I know in my real non-virtual life, and they don’t feel appropriate here. That just isn’t how I think of this blog. And I don’t want to take for granted that people arrive here via connections to the infertility or pregnancy loss communities.

Besides, it’s a complete pain to keep the same blog in two places indefinitely – plus that’s just dumb.

Therefore, I’m declaring an intellectual divide, making definitions for what this blog is and isn’t as I look ahead. I’m not going to shut this space down entirely, but I am going to reserve it for my selfish side, the darker stuff I don’t need read by my Dad or my Random Facebook Friend or That Other Navy Wife I Know. Since things are generally wonderful these days, it may stay pretty quiet here most of the time. (I have a couple of drafts of posts I’ve been working on, but writing selfish stuff takes major time commitment, apparently.)

I won’t be putting the cute stuff here anymore, at least not on a regular basis. If you want to keep up with the cute stuff, come visit the “family and friends” blog – Keys Made Here.

… Okay, okay. A smidge of cute stuff, maybe. Occasionally. Like right now.

I'm 9 weeks old and I have the most ridiculous smile ever!!

I’m 9 weeks old and I have the most ridiculous smile ever.


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