Baby Bliss

Everything is so much better today than last night!

Vivian and I are still at a different hospitals, and she is spending a second night in a NICU incubator with an IV in her tiny arm, so the world is imperfect. However! Her condition is good enough that they are planning to let her be transferred back to the byouin tomorrow. The minor drawback is that both of us will remain hospitalized for probably another week. But I want to be wherever she is, so if it isn’t home, then this is the next-best thing.

So she is doing well enough that she can leave the NICU and just go back to normal newborn nurserying (with regular bloodwork to make sure she stays fine). She did not have to have her blood transfused. They paroled me for a couple of hours today to go visit her with Hubs. Since the only treatment she was receiving was the baby-RhoGAM in the IV, we were able to take her out of the incubator and hold her a good long while, and I even got to feed her – those couple of milliliters of colostrum that I had to give.


Yes, thanks. Our gaijin newborn is a giant in the Japanese NICU.


5 thoughts on “Baby Bliss

  1. Hi I’m totally a stalker, er, lurker who has followed your story since the begenning of your first pregnancy. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on that beautiful baby girl. I truly am thrilled for you, and thank you for sharing your story. Second, I’m guessing they did give her something other than your colorstoum? Is she getting formula? Or only fluids via IV? I ask because I delivered my first baby in a German hospital (non-military) and was given horrible advice about breastfeeding, and when my little guy got jaundice, horrible advice about pumping. It is SO important to pump at LEAST every 3 hours (ok, maybe 4), even through the night! Find your base liason to the hosptial and figure out a schedule. I skipped night 4 of pumping because the nurses wanted me to sleep…..I took a MAJOR hit in my supply. I didn’t get more than a few drops for what felt like dayssss. Eventually it picked up, and eventually I got him back on the breast. I nursed him for 15 months and now his brother for 18. The first few days are SOOO IMPORTANT in establishing what your supply will be for the rest of your nursing ‘career’ if you will. I think it has something to do with how many ‘receptors’ are activated. Best of luck with your bundle, she is beautiful! Hope this was helpful and not just annoying 🙂 Let me know if I can be of any help/support. 🙂

  2. Giant gaijin baby!! I admit that’s exactly what i thought when i saw what a healthy weight she was – how big she would have been next to all the other babies in the NICU! I’m very happy and excited for all of you to hear that you’re not facing scary transfusions or anything like that, and that Vivian is doing so very well. You sound like you are much improved as well 🙂 I hope you’re able to get some rest at that byouin with her. Happiness to you!

  3. You are glowing! (even behind that hospital mask 🙂 Vivian is beautiful and I am so, so happy for all of you

  4. SO THRILLED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why will it be a week until you’re released though?

    (Sorry about the rh disease though, I hope that it all goes away quickly!)

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