Rh Troubles

The big hospital’s tests do confirm that Viv has Rh disease. Yes, I got the Rhogam shot, albeit at 29 weeks rather than 28; I got it after the triplets were born, too. Apparently one of those times didn’t take and now our perfect beautiful baby is sick.

Hubs bravely dealt with all that at the big hospital while I googled things from my adjustable bed and had a good cry. (Sick baby… Hormones… Plus still being awake at midnight after getting up at 6 am and delivering a baby today… I am an utter disaster.) It kills me that all the medical sites discuss Rh disease as 100% preventable and almost never happening anymore in the US. Anyway, Vivian having had no (known) problems before birth from it, and really being quite fit and healthy in appearance after her full term delivery, she will probably be fine after some treatment with photo therapy for the jaundice and the newborn version of Rhogam for the evil antibodies. But, Hubs did sign the consent form should they decide she needs a transfusion in the wee hours of the morning to replace her bad blood. With further testing ahead of her, plus communication problems, it is very unclear how long she will have to stay in the NICU. As far as I know, I still have to stay at the byouin for 3 days, but I’ll get to chat about that with the doctor tomorrow.

What it meant for tonight was Hubs and my mother driving around Japan looking for a drug store open after 10 pm, because we have to provide a specific type of breast milk baggies, and then pump and freeze milk to feed our baby while I’m stuck in one hospital and she is in another. And no, apparently we couldn’t just get the baggies from either one of those hospitals. Not even a couple for the first 24 hours. And they won’t feed her anything other than my milk… Which is all we want her eating anyway, but not so much if it means she doesn’t get fed at all before we can understand the rules – and acquire bags – and pump – and freeze – and deliver the breast milk from one site to another.

Eventually he did find the bags, but the byouin nurse wouldn’t allow me to pump by the time they got back here because I was supposed to be sleeping or some crap.


If only I had just sucked it up and agreed to deliver at the big hospital after all. At least some of this heartache might have been avoided. At least I could hold and feed her myself. Poor baby girl.


2 thoughts on “Rh Troubles

  1. There is no need to justify your good cry – you’ve earned it. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this complication, but i’m sure it will be dealt with, and quickly and smoothly. Is there any chance of getting a good translator around, to be sure your questions and concerns are addressed completely? And/or of getting transferred to the big hospital to make things a little easier? Oh… soon this part will be far behind all of you, and you’ll be home and snuggling with a crazy story to tell Miss Viv about how she came into the world. Many, many hugs to all of you.

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