Tomorrow I’ll Be A Mommy

The result of this morning’s appointment is…. drumroll…. appointment at 8:30 tomorrow morning for labor induction!

Yeeeah. Ultimately that’s not how I hoped this would go. As easy as it’s all (mostly) been, I pictured that Baby would come when Baby wanted to come. I’ve got this “induction leads to artificially strong labor and higher odds of additional interventions” idea looming over me and it’s big and scary, even if it doesn’t have to be true. And I really ought to have anticipated it. Or, well, I knew it was a possibility lurking there in the background, but I should have assigned it a higher probability and prepared myself better. I probably should take my blood pressure issues more seriously, too.

I am not entirely sure whether or not induction would have been the outcome no matter how today’s appointment had gone. Not that it went badly – BUT – the blood pressure machine gave a super high misreading: 178/91; I think I would have felt ill if that were accurate. Immediately after, I redid it and got a perfectly okay reading of 123/88, so yes it was totally wrong the first time! I handed both of the “receipts” to the nurse meaning to show that the machine sucks… I tried, but I don’t think I explained myself well enough, as both readings got recorded in my chart. Now the paranoid part of my brain is blaming that one machine error for the induction. I wish I had just folded that first receipt up and tucked it into my pocket. It might be one of those things that bugs me forever.

The logic part of my brain, though, says it’s more likely that when Dr. A said we should induce because of my high blood pressure, she meant it in the chronic sense and not in the today’s-crazy-reading sense. Dr. A’s tendency to not really let me know what to expect beyond when to show up for the next appointment has been frustrating all along. It’s even worse with the language issues, and not being able to get nor give good explanations for things. She told us, though, that under normal circumstances the byouin does induce after 41 weeks, but my high blood pressure makes it risky to go past my due date. Which, as we’ve established, was yesterday.

It’s tempting, then, to be irritated at Japan for my confusion and insecurity right now, but the fact is (according to the Navy doc I saw a few weeks ago), in the States they likely would have induced me a week ago! Therefore the Japan angst is unfounded. I shall now take consolation in that we were allowed to get all-the-way-full-term. Which I do very much appreciate. My uterus/this baby totally had their shot to do this the natural way and instead they were lazy, and it is what it is. And at the end of the (what I expect to be a very long) day, WE’LL HAVE A BABY, so what the hell am I whining about anyway??

(Never the less, I am clinging to this little thread of hope that I’ll go into labor on my own overnight before the appointment. One can dream.)

Psst: final belly photos!





5 thoughts on “Tomorrow I’ll Be A Mommy

  1. I was induced as well, and I had all of your same reservations. I strongly recommend being induced with a balloon over starting right off the bat with pitocin. That really helped my labor, and while I did end up on pitocin, I didn’t have it for that long. Congrats on having a baby tomorrow! I’ll be thinking good touts for you!

  2. I am so very excited for you and B, like, beyond words. I’m also really excited to meet Azuki (whenever that is possible) and I am eager and hopeful that I get to be her friend one day, too.

  3. but wait, your time zone difference has me all confused! according to google, it is a little after 4am where you are – does that mean you’re being induced in 4.5 hours!? i think it does. oh, my. I completely understand the concerns and questions you have about the induction, but i bet that slip of paper won’t bug you forever. I bet that, many moons from now, all those little details are going to be utterly swamped by the vastly bigger picture that is your life with your daughter 🙂

    oh!!! i know how insanely selfish it is to ask for updates – i realize that blogging is waaaay down on the list of things to focus on right now. but i’m selfish and i can’t wait for the next update! you have so many people thinking of you right now ❤

  4. Yes, here’s one more person thinking of you (and eager for the next update) and wishing you and hubs all the excitement and happiness in the world. Welcome Azuki!!

  5. I have been following your blog for about a year and a half and wanted to say congrats! You deserve all the best and I wish you so much happiness with this little bundle of joy. Also, while I am sure you are well into your labor now due to the time difference I wanted to let you know I just had my first child last tuesday and had to be induced as well. I was TERRIFIED before hand because I have no pain tolerance and I already imagined the worst (wretched c section ending in infection…. vaginal delivery with horrible tears, not being able to care for my child because of the recovery.. you name it). I was completely wrong and it went fantastic, the game changer for me was that when I went in i was 3cm dialated and 80% effaced so I was very favorable, I hope you are also because it makes the world of difference. they took their time with the pitocin and gradually increased it. I held off on the epidural as long as possible, since they knew it was going to be a slow and steady process they were able to give me a different pain med first that knocked me out and made the baby a bit sleepy so I could get rest while the pitocin did its work. My husband and I literally went in at 6am, started the pitocin at 7am, turned off the lights and our phones and we slept for upwards of 10 hours! At 6pm they checked me for the last time and he was fully descended and it was time to push, I pushed for about 45 mins and he was born at 6:58pm. I have only had about 1 day of pain because I had a first degree tear. I truly hope you have as relaxing and fantastic experience as I have, every mom deserves it!

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