Latent Labor? Maybe?

The doctor’s exam this morning showed my cervix to be 2 cm dilated and quite soft. The doc asked if I had felt any contractions, and I said no – because whenever I say yes, BH ones, she doesn’t count that; and I have been mostly ignoring those for at least six weeks anyway. Then she showed me the printout from the 40 minutes of fetal monitoring, where the humps showed that I had in fact had two contractions during that time. Huh. Whaddaya know. I guess I thought it was the baby throwing her weight around. Certainly nothing particularly painful.

Between my cervical condition and the baby’s slightly high heart rate, we made an appointment for Monday to check everything again. Now, I know you can be dilated a couple of centimeters and have secret contractions for a couple of weeks before going into ‘real’ labor. Therefore more or less unfazed, I went about errands and then relaxed with a book. Not even a baby book.

That is, until around 4:30 this afternoon, when it dawned on me that yep, now that I think about it, those moments of belly tightness do seem to be happening repeatedly and in the same sort of fashion each time. In fact, it’s definitely not the randomness of fetal cavorting, though it really isn’t any more uncomfortable than the bigger baby movements can get. I guess… could it be?… contractions?? They’ve continued through the evening. Adding to the overall “How serious should I be taking this?” feeling is that I did have some pink-streaked mucus BUT there was a doctor’s finger inside my cervix mere hours ago. So, yeah.

After timing the so-called contractions for a little while and feeling more bemused than anything, I decided I’d get up and finish packing the hospital bag. Then Hubs and I went out and ate burgers (with that hospital bag and an extra towel in the car just in case)…. and, of course, we then drove back home.It’s 10:15 pm now and yep, they are definitely still happening, not really changing much, not really getting any more intense. But hey, if this is going to last for many hours (days?), then I’m super happy it doesn’t actually hurt yet.

See, I told you guys I’d post when stuff was happening. So stay tuned. If things suddenly start moving with a purpose, this just may be my last pre-baby post… Or maybe just the last one from a real keyboard and not an iOS device, which means less verbosity and a higher likelihood of autocorrect oddities. But I’m thinking we probably still have a good little while to go.

Data: Struggling for a real pattern, but I seem to be having about 3 or 4 contractions in a row that are between 5.30 and 7 minutes apart (mostly closer to 6), and then one longer break of 9 to 12 minutes between, and then back to about 6 minutes again. Baby is at 38w4d, and estimated at 7.5 lbs, so if she does show up soonish, she ought to be just fine.


2 thoughts on “Latent Labor? Maybe?

  1. Wow! I barely ever comment but I have read along with you for a long while now. I am so excited for you and hubs! And here’s to contractions that don’t even feel like contractions…let’s hope they stay that way for a while 😉

  2. yay for keeping us updated! i second jen’s wish that things stay as unpainful as possible for as long as possible. i’ll be checking in with you often and don’t worry, we’re prepared for the autocorrects! and yes: Little Miss is going to be just fine. You ALL are!! ❤

    p.s. that was my anonymous comment yesterday – i was (and am) commenting from work so i wasn't signed in.

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