Weeks 29-31

At this rate, I’ll post the birth announcement by the time she’s teething…

The thing is? Basically, everything is still going fine. And this hasn’t ever been an “everything is fine” type of blog. At least, not prior to the last six months. I haven’t got much to vent about. I barely even have any anxieties. And I feel like I’m betraying the IF and the baby loss blog communities if all the woes I have to share these days are how the baby makes my hips hurt and I’ve gained 8 extra pounds. I even wrote a post over on the happytimes familyness blog after my last appointment (a week and a half ago), meant to echo all the same highlights here the next day, and then… well, I didn’t. I think I mentally gloss over the fact that there are still a handful of old friends here that do simply want to keep tabs, and I haven’t been prioritizing you guys in my free time above, say, knitting little soakers. I apologize. Maybe it would make more sense to just give those handful of friends the link to the non-anonymous blog and quit putting the pressure on myself to write everything in both places, which might result in more getting written… I shall consider this. For now, let’s hit those highlights from the last few weeks.

First, look at this face! How amazing is this technology? And how great is it that in Japan, the prenatal care includes an ultrasound at every single appointment?

This was from the 30 week appointment. She is becoming quite the chubster. They said 3.75 lbs, at 30 weeks. If this keeps up, I’m in for an all-natural delivery (because that’s what they do in Japan) of a 9+ pounder. I mean, I did tell her that her current job is to grow; I think she’s destined to be an overachiever.

“Mom, your labor pain is hysterical”

Other tidbits on the medical front: The Coombs test was fine, and I got my RhoGAM shot. The biggest problem there was that the doctor couldn’t come up with English words to tell me to lie face down (for getting a shot in my ass), and so she mimed it. (Here again, I just know my delivery experience is going to be a hoot.) My blood pressure at the 30 weeks visit, not so good… The machine reading was 152/84, so they did two manual readings and got mid 140s over high 70s. It had been creeping up the previous appointment or two, and they were having me track it at home, and it was hovering around 138/75 ish. So the Japanese doc sent me back to the Navy doc, who I just saw about my prescription. The Navy doc said “In the States, we would probably just keep an eye on it at that level, but if they want you to up the meds then we’ll up the meds.” I’ve been assured that it’s still safe for Azuki, and I don’t want the byouin to “fire” me and have to go to the regular hospital. So, now I’m on a higher dosage of the same meds. Oh, and one other thing the Navy doc said? Is that “In the States, for our chronic hypertensive patients, if you haven’t delivered by 39 weeks we’ll go ahead and induce.” She didn’t know whether that is also the case here, but it is definitely a question I’ll be asking at this upcoming week’s appointment.

30 weeks

Behold the expanding belly. Up about 27 pounds that week, and 44″ around. Clearly this measurement means that the 40.5″ I stated at 20 weeks was wrong, because, seriously. I am outgrowing my maternity clothes. Unfortunately, the ones I’m outgrowing are the jeans and comfy tee shirts that I wanted to wear while I lounge around my house in that final month after I leave my job. I still have plenty of nice work attire that still fits fine. It may be one sexy month of sweatpants and Hubs’s shirts. I’m feeling big and puffy and generally, vaguely uncomfortable quite a lot; for about three days last week, I was totally miserable and it hurt to walk, but she must have shifted positions and the misery eased up a great deal. Perhaps it was a little taste of what’s yet to come to make me grateful for how relatively good I’ve still got things.

We’ve been slowly building our stash of baby gear. We crossed off a few of the big ticket items (stroller, car seat, changing table) in the last couple weeks, which is fun in a “holy crap, this is actually going to happen and we had better get materially ready” sort of way. Also, I spent my Veteran’s Day washing and sorting and fawning over all the tiny clothes we’ve collected so far. I am being taken out to a small shower-lunch somewhat against my will tomorrow afternoon, so we shall see how many frilly pink Navy Exchange onesies get added to the collection. And hey. Maybe after the shower I’ll actually have something to write about.



One thought on “Weeks 29-31

  1. Thanks for the update. SO glad that this is a nice uneventful pregnancy for you. I am looking forward to your delivery story, I’m anticipating it will be amusing with the language barrier, however it goes down 😉

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