Third Trimester!

It’s hard to believe Azuki and I have already reached the third trimester. At least, hard to believe until she’s jabbing away – and then it’s hard to believe all that force is coming from somebody that’s less than three pounds. It’s such a marvelous place to be. Dare I admit it, other than some slightly sore body parts and having to wake up twice now instead of once every night to pee, I’m feeling pretty exclusively optimistic about the next 12 weeks. Crazy, I know.

28 weeks

Up 23.5#, and still no complaining about it. And hey, why should I? That belly is pretty awesome. My belly button is still hanging on to its innie-ness, but just by millimeters.

This week I went to two – TWO! – doctor’s appointments. See, I had the regular one at the byouin on Wednesday. It was all fine until the very end when I had to go and ask about the RhoGAM shot. This started a heated discussion in Japanese between Dr. A and nurse, and then Dr. A called the translator’s office at the base clinic and talked in a hurry to them in Japanese for a little bit. From what I ascertained, while the byouin did realize that I am Rh negative, they thought the Navy clinic would give me the shot; the clinic, however, “does not deal with blood products.” The byouin didn’t have any on hand, but they ordered it and I get to go an extra time next week for that… Well, assuming the Coombs test they drew blood for before I left Wednesday is negative. If it’s positive and I’m already producing the antibodies against Azuki Bean’s blood, then according to the doctor: “Very bad. Have to go to [actual hospital].” Um. We’re assuming it’s going to be negative and all is well. I’ll happily just get my shot next week, please.

Far too adorable to have Rh disease.

The other doctor’s appointment was at the base clinic on Thursday. Way back when I was prescribed the blood pressure medication, they did not authorize enough refills to last, well, past this week. I guess normally it could have been handled over the phone — except that CDR B, who prescribed it, left. And turned all us preggo ladies over to a new doctor. And the new doctor, LT T, wanted to meet with me quickly before authorizing the refills. This appointment was also fine, just annoying to have to find space for it on short notice what with having a job and also being nearly out of the meds. The new doctor is very nice, and she was excited about seeing me and chatting about babies since the clinic doesn’t normally deal with pregnancies past 20 weeks and LT T used to do prenatal care up to and sometimes including delivery, at her last command.  Basically we talked for 10 minutes, she checked my vitals, measured my belly, and listened to Azuki’s heartbeat. The pharmacy even filled the Rx promptly, and I got through a whole trip to the clinic without getting pissed off.


2 thoughts on “Third Trimester!

  1. Blink. Blink. That is a pretty stunning oversight right there, regarding the Rhogam shot. I have my fingers crossed for you and Azuki. (But also – this whole scenario could be a really great exam hypo for International Law and/or Torts. SO MANY LEGAL ISSUES!!!)

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