22 Weeks

I have been opening a lot of my posts with excuses and apologies for not updating more often. This week (and for the upcoming two weeks, as well), it’s because my MIL and her mother (GMIL?) are visiting us. Joy… I will try and keep some notes about their unbidden pregnancy and child-rearing advice… and demands. The first of these demands, by the way, is that I “hold in” the baby exactly one day past her due date, so that she shares Hubs’ great-grandmother’s birthday. Uh huh, I shall take that under advisement. (Oh, and “wouldn’t it be nice” if we named the baby after great grandma? Sorry, no, nothing against a fine, sweet lady but “Phosine” is not happening.) Anyway, we did manage to take the following photo on 22w0d, and then it sat on my phone for a couple of days, not being posted. Since our guests arrived on Sunday, I’ve barely had time to breathe as long as I’ve been home, never mind crack open my laptop.

I swear in this photo I look smaller than two weeks ago. Let me assure you, that is certainly not the case. I guess maybe I was sucking it in… Unconscious habit when having pictures taken; maybe you know what I’m talking about. Then again, at different times I do feel more or less huge, and maybe it’s got to do with how much / how recently I’ve eaten, how Azuki is situated, and so on – and perhaps this was just a smaller moment.

No girth measurement this week because, company and awkwardness. I weighed in at approximately +13#, curbing the overly rapid gain just a tad. I say approximately because I’ve been stepping on the scale every morning, and it’s been all over the place. From Sunday to today I have gotten +13, +12.5, +14.5, and +13 again. So, I’ll average a little and say 13#, up 1.5# from week 20.

Week 21, especially, was a week of acne, swollen ankles, and a steady increase in nudges and pokes. The acne may have been partially stress from the looming in-law visit. The ankles are really only slightly puffy and really only noticeable when I’ve done significant walking around in the heat. Japan, by the way, is disgusting in the summer – hot and wet – and it’s a drawn-out summer, too. I’m just thankful my due date is in the winter.

The kicking, though, is still novel and awesome. Hubs has even been able to feel her a few times, which apparently makes him turn into an adorable puddle of goo.


One thought on “22 Weeks

  1. Mr. Zoe has a great grandmother, (or maybe a great aunt?) who’s name was Sefronia, but went by “Fronie.” I’m sure Ms. Phosine is a very sweet lady, but man, the names people used to give their daughters…

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