Ultrasound #4

…And we’re back. I was having some technical difficulties getting the ultrasound images onto my computer for sharing with you guys. Nothing huge, but when I only get a couple hours a day of me-time, resolving computer troubles doesn’t always make the cut.

Anyhow, about that appointment earlier this week at the Japanese “Byouin.” Important stuff first – the gender verdict is…….? Girl? … Probably? The sonographer told us it “seems like girl… but not clear.” And Dr. A said that it’s harder to be certain with girls (obviously), but implied that she herself would try to confirm at the next appointment. Which will be at the end of September, at 24 weeks. So we’re going with girl for now, and we’ve been leaning in that direction since the previous ultrasound anyway – but I’m not ready to go spending a bunch of money on Team Pink uniforms, if you know what I mean.

The appointment felt a lot like it was an initial prenatal checkup. I guess that makes sense, as my primary care has finally been transferred from the Navy clinic to the Byouin, and I don’t expect that a lot of the information actually gets shared from one to the other. So at this visit, I had blood drawn presumably to test for all the same stuff that the Navy clinic already tested for, and a pelvic swab for chlamydia, which again, the clinic already tested for. They even did a heart test, which was a pretty bizarre experience: clamps on my wrists and ankles, sensors on my chest, an EKG printed out that they never showed me, two nurses gossiping in Japanese the whole time… I’m not sure if the heart test is standard or if they are being cautious because of my blood pressure. The first reading at this week’s appointment was 144/67, which is slightly high but not nearly as bad as I’ve seen it (what’s up with putting the BP machine in the middle of a busy hallway, anyway??). The second reading, which a nurse did manually in a quiet room after the EKG part, it was way down at 122/60, or, completely fine. Dr. A said to keep taking the meds, and we’ll talk about all the test results next time. Hopefully including that heart thing. They also took a look at my cervix, which was nice and closed and supposedly fully ‘competent.’

Finally, ultrasound time! Which is the best part, of course. They didn’t ever say they would be doing the detailed anatomy scan, but sure enough, that’s what happened. Hubs got to come along, and we all sat in total silence while the Japanese sonographer measured the width of the heart valves and all kinds of things. I don’t know if it’s the language barrier or just a cultural thing, but she didn’t tell us anything, didn’t do any narrating while the anatomy scan part was going on. Since neither she nor the doctor said there was a problem, I’m assuming Baby D is all fine and great and anatomically perfect. Or maybe Dr. A needs time to look over everything more closely, or confer with Dr. M (the head of the practice), and I’ll get the details next time. The sonographer did finally turn the screen in our direction (Hubs could see the whole time, but not me) and start pointing out facial features and feet after the technical bit was finished, and she flipped over to 4D. The baby was apparently sleeping for most of the scan, which I figure is a good thing for getting all those important measurements. During the 4D bit, while she recorded our take-home DVD, the tech started jabbing me in the belly with her finger, trying to wake [her] up. It was kind of entertaining / pitiful to see all the limbs flail in defense for a second, and then [she] went back to sleep almost immediately.

“This is my shoulder.”

“No! Don’t poke me!”


One thought on “Ultrasound #4

  1. YAY! for… i don’t know, all of it 🙂 Yay for definitely more ultrasounds – another in four weeks, it sounds like. Woo-hoo! So sorry about having to do a complete round of tests all over again. On the plus side, nothing like being extra super duper ultra sure that you don’t have chlamydia, right? Seriously, i hope you’re done repeating all that annoying stuff and get to just keep peeking at your camera-shy darling. YAY!

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