16 Weeks

I realize I failed to check in at all during week 15, so I apologize. Rest assured, nothing was missed. Several days ago I tried to post some audio of Azuki Bean’s heartbeat from my rented doppler (love!), but discovered that my dear blog host site will not allow me to upload audio files directly without upgrading to a paid accound (eff that). At that moment, at least, I didn’t have the motivation to go hunting around for a host site to link out to, and then the whole prospect of getting any content posted at all sort of dissolved. I do, though, have an audio file on my laptop of heartbeat sounds at 15w1d that may at some point be heard in this space.

So, yep, things remained boring through 15 weeks, with one exciting exception at 15w5d. I may have felt kicks (or some sort of movement) yesterday, for the first time… I know it’s slightly early, but I’m not sure what else would have caused this particular sensation. Pretty sure it doesn’t fit the bill for round ligament pain, especially since I think I’ve had bits of that and yesterday’s sensation was different; and it definitely wasn’t anything like BH contractions, I remember those well. Off and on over the course of about 2 hours, I’d get a brief pressure (dare I say discomfort) in the area of, like, my left kidney or maybe that side of my bladder, repeatedly in the same spot. Each time it just lasted a half second, and it would be anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes in between. For the most part, I was sitting still while all this was going on, though once in a while I’d try to shift around to try to get the jabs to land in a different spot (to no avail). I would not at all describe it like a butterfly fluttering or any of the cutesy ways that people on the internet have phrased the feeling. It was much more like, well, taking finger-pokes to my internal organs. Still, it’s not something I experienced with A, B, & C (I suppose they were too smooshed and/or busy kicking one another and not my kidney) – so it’s a neat new thing for me. I hope it was in fact Baby D kicking, and I hope I start feeling a lot more of it. Bring it on, Baby. (Just no bruising, please.)

On to week 16! Photo? Photo!

16 weeks belly

16 weeks


Up 5.5# as of this morning. So far so good for an average pound-per-week trend in trimester two, except that my daily weight is super inconsistent. Then again, perhaps I shouldn’t be stepping on the scale every day anyway. Measuring 37.5″ around at belly button, and belly button level is almost the equator now. The belly is getting pointier.


One thought on “16 Weeks

  1. yay yay yay!! i was hoping for an update from you soon. love this one! you sound great. I never had that “butterfly” feeling either. Someone once described the way kicks felt to them, at this early stage, as something like muscle twitches or spasms. Yes, i thought, much more like that.

    Azuki Bean’s heartbeat: I’ve really like Dropbox for this. You still won’t be able to host the file itself here, but you can upload it to the public folder of your Dropbox account and then link to it here.

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