Prenatal Appointment #2

(In Which, The Navy Clinic Is Dumb, But Everything Is Fine.)

I think I mentioned how, last week, I called Nurse C at the base clinic to set up an appointment (in spite of the fact that she had said she would call me and then didn’t) for this week. Which, I was told, was for 8:30 yesterday morning. Only then I get to the clinic and they don’t have me down for any appointment yesterday or on any other day. Sigh… One of the admin corpsmen even went so far as to tell me that Nurse C doesn’t even do the appointment scheduling any more.

These people. They really must get their act together.

Anyhow, they miraculously managed to fit me in and only make me a few minutes late for work (at 10 am). Besides the scheduling kerfuffle, it was a short, boring visit. Urine sample, blood draw, vitals. Fundal height and doppler: HR 155. Then, chatting.

My BP was 138/82, a couple of points higher than the average from my approximately biweekly screenings, but for those I get to sit for 10-15 minutes before the cuff. CDR B was satisfied with the readings over the last few weeks, so it seems the meds are working out. (And, I don’t have to keep doing the screenings, so I get my lunch breaks back!) Since an average of about 134/78 is not terrible, he’s not worried about the little bit of protein from my 24 hour urine collection. According to him, most likely it suggests that my overall kidney function is not totally perfect, as a result of being chronically borderline-to-mildly hypertensive. Whether that’s better or worse than it being a pregnancy problem, well…? It’ll be something to follow up on after Baby arrives, but for now, keep calm and carry on (and keep taking the pills). Oh, and he continues to advise only foods with “no flavor” (i.e., low sodium).

Otherwise, since I have so few symptoms, there wasn’t all that much to talk about. He asked if I was “ready.” I said I feel mentally/emotionally as ready as I can be, but I haven’t, like, bought anything yet. To which he said, based on my history, that it is completely normal for me to sort of wait until 19 weeks, when I’m past the point at which I lost the triplets, before I really start to take the pregnancy seriously. (I forget the exact words he used, but that was the gist.) And he’s so right. I mean, not that I’m not taking the pregnancy itself seriously; I’m trying to take care of myself, and reading up on all the weekly milestones and all that stuff. But as far as actually planning in concrete ways for a real, living infant in my home… I may be a little delayed on that part. It’s nice to hear the doc say that’s to be expected. Especially nice having him bring it up in the first place.

That poignant comment devolved into a silly conversation about nesting, and how even though he can tell I’m a logical person, I won’t be able to control myself once that instinct strikes. And if I have a good husband, he’ll just let (or help) me do whatever crazy things I’m doing, without asking questions. I gave the message to Hubs, though he tends to be rather good about that sort of thing anyway.

My future with the base clinic is pretty short. I’ll get my quad screening done in a couple of weeks, and then I’ll have one more prenatal visit right around 20 weeks. After that – provided, of course, nothing exciting and terrible happens – it will be Japanese docs only (except Rx refills), until we require pediatric services. Thank goodness, too. CDR B is likeable enough, but that clinic… ugh.


One thought on “Prenatal Appointment #2

  1. and i’m super duper glad to hear that, although the navy clinic is dumb, everything is fine. here’s to getting your (salt-free, tasteless) lunches back – and not losing them!!

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