Ultrasound #2

This morning’s ultrasound appointment was totally fine. Super quick. Dr. A just asked a couple of questions about how I’m feeling, and since I’ve been feeling pretty much normal, that didn’t take long. Then time to take a peek.

Yeah, I’m not so sure what’s what, but it’s still adorable.

Lots of movement! So! Cool!

The fetus did measure exactly on track with the first ultrasound, 10w2d. At 33.3 mm, it’s twice as long as two weeks ago. The only disappointing thing from the appointment today is that I won’t get any more ultrasounds until 16 weeks. I guess the multiple pregnancy spoiled me for that.

Oh, and that two weeks that it was supposed to take for my lab results? CDR B called yesterday with the results of the glucose test. Apparently there was some confusion in the lab, because when he first called, he told me that my one hour blood sugar level (125 mg/dL) was fine but there was cause for concern with my fasting level, which was essentially the same reading. And CDR B talks fast, so he went straight into how the 3 hour test works and when should we schedule that and so on … Until I finally went “Uh, wait a minute. They only drew blood at the end of the hour. How is there a reading for fasting blood sugar?” D’oh.

I guess one of those four tubes of blood got labeled incorrectly. Turns out I’m fine. No gestational diabetes, at least not yet. I will still have to wait for the urine/protein test results though. Also while he was on the phone, CDR B says he was looking over all that blood work that I had done weeks and weeks ago and everything is great. If not for the high blood pressure, I’d be totally suspicious at how excellent everything is.

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