Early Screenings

The lab tests I wrote about the other day are done. I spent yesterday peeing into my big orange jug. Literally, I feel like I did nothing else yesterday. In the process, I learned things that I didn’t necessarily need to know about my own urine. I probably don’t need to share those things here. Worth mentioning, though, is that I came somewhat close to filling the 3L jug. But I guess since, within the day, I drank 64 oz of water, 16 oz of milk, 8 oz of orange juice and maybe 6 oz of cranberry juice, well, you get out what you put in. So to speak. To me, the funniest thing about doing a 24 hour urine collection is the act of handing that jug of pee over to some person at the end and having them react like it’s completely normal.

When I turned in the jug to the clinic lab this morning, I also got to drink the “juicy juice” and do my glucose test. I got lemon-lime flavor. It wasn’t as disgustingly gross as I expected based on others’ testimonials. Apparently the orange flavor that they used to use got much worse reviews. This just tasted like concentrated Sprite minus the carbonation. By the end of the bottle, it was a little icky, but manageable. Never made me feel queasy, though jittery – yes. I spent my quiet hour in the waiting room jiggling my foot to burn off the energy and reading (notably, Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food, advocating against super-sweet and over-processed non-foods…), then went back and got poked in the arm. Seriously? Why do they need 4 tubes of blood for one test? Hmph.

Unfortunately, the lab guy said it would be at least two weeks before the results come back and we find out how much protein I have in my pee and sugar in my blood. I guess that does give me time to do my blood pressure series and get my six to eight readings and then cover all of it at the next appointment with CDR B.

In other news… There’s some discrepancy among sources as to when an embryo becomes a fetus – but at 10 weeks today, even the conservative sources agree that my little azuki bean has graduated. Hooray! I may have gained about a pound in the last week but I can’t see any belly difference, so no fresh picture for the week.


2 thoughts on “Early Screenings

  1. Happy Graduation! I work near campus, so yesterday i saw lots of people in cap and gown: i’m picturing your little bean with a teeny tiny set of his/her own and it’s weird and cute 🙂

    Glad to hear that the drink didn’t make you want to puke. I had orange flavor and it is not a pleasant memory. I’m sorry you have to wait for your results… hell, what’s another two week wait at this point!?

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