9 Weeks: No Belly Yet

Going by the ultrasound dates – which are the best ones to go by, I’d say – my “zero” days are Monday. Therefore I’m actually 8w6d today rather than 9w, but, with my work hours being what they are, I think if I’m going to pick a day for regular weekly belly photo and general sum-up posts, Sunday is the day. I guess it’s also a bit of a tribute to pregnancy #1 that way, too, which is nice.

I deliberated whether I’d start the photos this early. I know there is no bump yet (just preexisting chunkiness), but in the last couple of days I’ve started to notice some of my pants getting tighter. And I believe maybe I can sort of feel my uterus from the outside; What To Expect says my uterus is grapefruit-sized already. The point is, with these little details, and with it not being my first pregnancy, I wouldn’t be surprised if I start filling out a bit early. I liked having the baseline last time – so, here’s my baseline.

9 weeks belly photo

9 weeks

Weighing 157#, and measuring 36″ at the belly button. I bought these jeans a little before the first test, and yeah, they fit better up through last week. Since my overall weight has not increased, we’ll say that the heightened degree of muffinyness is the precursor to a baby bump rather than my lately more generous diet. That said, while I weigh a couple pounds less now than when I got pregnant before – and I do feel slightly slimmer than I was at that time – I think the flab never quite totally went away from my triplet belly. My tummy seems to, I don’t know, sag a little bit lower than it used to, and be more front/center than love-handle-y. I know that sounds all terrible body image and such, but it’s meant to just be objective (if obsessive) observation. For comparison, this was the baseline (albeit a week earlier) before:

Old baseline – 8 weeks (triplets)

So anyway, there we go. I will probably not post another one of these photos until I can see a difference, whether that’s next week or a month from now. Partly because it’s a pain taking the photo myself with my cell phone. Since, if I haven’t mentioned it, Hubs is out to sea… Not around to lend his picture-taking assistance.


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