Base Medical Makes Me Grumpy

On Friday (it’s Sunday right now in Japan), I went to the base medical clinic like I said I would. I did the urine test – positive! yay! But they wouldn’t do a blood test, because apparently it’s too early. And yes, it is very, very early; lots of things can go wrong. So I’m waiting a week and then going back for urine test #2 and THEN we’ll proceed into betas and getting the next string of appointments set up. Well, assuming I don’t get my “period” (as the corpsman said), and it’s not a “false positive.” A false positive? Really? After five (ok, I have a sickness) strong positive tests? Perhaps the corpsman doesn’t know about/understand/acknowledge the term chemical pregnancy. It felt pretty dismissive, particularly since he didn’t tell me to, like, come back if I did start bleeding so I could get checked out.

Whatever. I mean, either way I know it’s going to be a while before the first official prenatal checkup, and this is totally not a chemical pregnancy (optimism!) – so it’s no big deal to wait a week, right? The paperwork I filled out at the clinic actually said appointment number one would be scheduled at about 10 weeks, which seems way late for anybody. Of course with my history and my anxiety, and my likely need for hypertension medication, I’ll insist on earlier.

So the two things I take away from this visit: One, dealing with the medical setup over here may take a good bit of initiative and insistence. Two, outside confirmation of a positive test! Let’s not forget about that part!  Yay!


2 thoughts on “Base Medical Makes Me Grumpy

  1. I am still just so ecstatic for you. This corpsman sounds like a downer and bad at his job. Also, 10 weeks for a first appointment sounds crazy to me; that’s not typical is it? Are you having any symptoms?

  2. No way is this a chemical preg! You are totally, 100% knocked up! 😉 Don’t let the bummer medical staff there steal your joy. I’m especially happy that you’re pregnant for Mother’s Day. You’re already a mother, but nice to have an added little blessing on what can be a hard, bittersweet day. Sending you lots of love. xoxo

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