This morning:

positive pregnancy test

First of all: OH MY GOD I am beside-myself-thrilled. Stunned. Excited.

Nervous and a little extra paranoid all that other crap, too, and there are some obstacles, but -YAY. I had wondered if I’d ever see this again.

This is rather unexpected. Ok, granted, Hubs and I had marital relations and did not use any contraceptives, so, obviously we can’t claim to be caught totally off guard. I do know the mechanics of procreation. But I wasn’t charting – my thermometer was stuffed in a drawer! – and we weren’t trying to time intercourse or anything. I don’t even know my O day. (I am pretty sure I know the implantation day, though, because I did have some red spotting and a hormone-type headache last Thursday, and that timeline works out for a positive test today..)

In fact, we had talked about using preventative measures this month but in the end decided “Meh, whatever.” It didn’t seem very likely anyway. The reason it was up for discussion? As it turns out, the current ship schedule has Hubs gone for the due date, and off and on for a lot of next year. So, that sucks kind of a lot, and at this moment feels like the biggest of those obstacles I was mentioning. But you know what? We’ll take it. After what we’ve gone through since we started trying, I suppose it’s a relatively minor problem.

In a ‘circle of life’ type way, there’s one interesting tidbit: CD1 of this cycle was the triplet’s birthday.


5 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. thanks to the miracle of blog subscriptions and email notifications, i must have read this about two seconds after you posted it.
    HOLY SHIT!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! what’s “congratulations” in Japanese? I hope you hear it a lot! Oh, i am so happy and excited and optimistic for you. All those ship schedule bridges – and i’m not saying they’re not significant ones – you’ll cross them when you come to them, right? And also: that’s a beautifully dark line, no!? Thinking of you…

  2. what a lovely surprise! And I think a nice remembrance of the triplets, that CD1 was their first birthday. The kids will always be linked in a karmic way, i think 🙂

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