What Time Is It There?

Welllll…… I’m in Japan! Hanging out in the Navy Lodge, by myself. Okay, okay, I’ve already met several of the ship wives (and CO’s husband – yes, that’s right), who are all terrific so far, and I have another friend here attached to a different ship, and I’m not actually by myself at all. But Hubs is gone, and the ship is sailing around out in the Pacific for, well, until around the triplets’ birthday.

That new blog I have been promising? It’s here: http://everydaygaijin.wordpress.com. Come visit me there! You’ll hear a lot more from me there than you will here…

In fact I’m back to unsure of this blog’s immediate future. This cycle, we had to make it count or else we were out of luck. My body refused to cooperate. In fact, I have no idea what my uterus has been up to lately and I can’t seem to find the energy to care. Erratic temperatures – but, I mean, with our road trip, we slept in at least 10 different beds in the month of January, which certainly didn’t help the charting. Then starting on CD26, after no discernible ovulation, I had 13 straight days of bleeding. It was right on the border between just spotting and a light period. What’s that about? Really? I mean, fortunately it finally quit. I don’t know what to make of it, if I should consider it a new cycle or what; but at this point it sort of doesn’t matter. After all, no fertilization is going to be happening any time soon… I’ll keep taking my temps to see if things straighten out or stay wonky, but, wow that will be boring to write about! So, yeah, go over to the other one and see about my Japanese adventures, and I’ll think about this one a little bit and see what I come up with.


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