No Luck

Just a quick update as I sit and digest Christmas dinner #1 and take a break from awkward conversation with seldom-seen relatives-in-law.

Three negative pregnancy tests since the last post, and I’m feeling decidedly un-optimistic for this cycle. A few symptoms showed up since the last post… abdominal pressure, breast awareness… everything rather mild. Yesterday I woke up after a run of pregnancy-themed dreams (the obsession has not been nearly as severe as last year, but I can’t deny that it’s still present), and in that moment I really did expect the second line. So that empty white space was a little bit of a blow.

It’s 12DPO now, and sure, sometimes people still get false negatives at 12DPO (and beyond); and no, I’m not saying it’s definitely over. Just …. sigh. Same old story.

Oh well. Another glass of holiday wine for me. Merry Christmas anyway.


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