Moving And Ovulating

Here we are, another December, another humongous move. Another Christmas with no address, no worldly possessions, no tree. And… another egg released right in the middle of packing out our home. Crazy, crazy uterus.

It was almost certainly CD31. Which, sigh, the lateness… but better than not at all. Fertile mucus, a day and a half of “I guess that’s as dark?” OPKs, and a subtle but still convincing thermal shift. Followed by a week of nonfertile mucus and sustained above-coverline temperatures in spite of sleeping in numerous different places in the last week. Go uterus! Yay. (I know, I know, 7DPO now and thus it took me a week to post anything, I suck at TTC blogging. But I’ve had limited internet/energy, and I’m sorry.)

I can’t say I’m having any symptoms, not even to the degree I had them after ovulating last cycle. And right now, I am truly not obsessing. Not letting the hopefulness mount, not setting myself up to be crushed. Anyway, it’s several more days before I can test, and I am not touching any tests until 10DPO at the earliest, which is Thursday. Still, here I am, another holiday season living out of suitcases at my mother-in-law’s house, and I can’t help but notice how familiar it all is. We were right here last December 31 when I got that positive test. The hypothetical due dates would be less than a week apart. It’s just too much coincidence not to feel some little bit of expectation for where this could be headed.


Also, on the theme of me being lousy at blogging, I was nominated for a Liebster Blog Award by homebrewedbaby, which I really do appreciate, but I’m lame and so I’m going to be a dead end. I don’t actually follow enough blogs lately… But I do definitely want to share my gratitude (thanks, Emily!), and possibly some traffic, for my nominator. Who is very, very awesome and so is her blog. And you should go read it. 


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