Waiting On This Egg

My cycles have been going beautifully. I mean, you know, long – but I’ve been pleased. After all the leftover placental tissue drama and finally taking Provera to bring on my first postpartum period, I’ve had really no problems. (Except maybe a bout or two of psychosomatic pregnancy symptoms and obsessive stick-peeing. But that’s to be expected, honestly. I barely even consider it a problem.) Check out these charts.

Three cycles, of 42, 35, and 37 days, with ovulation on days 28, 21, and (probably) 22, respectively. The most recent one, it was a little trickier to pinpoint O day because of a fallback rise, but the previous two it was very clear. And I think I’m just a “slow rise” kind of gal anyhow. Admittedly, there is some definite BBT bizarreness leading up to O day in each of those charts, but… meh? I am choosing to ignore it as long as everything else is good – and it seems to be good. I’ve had pretty short periods, hardly any mid-cycle spotting, great mucus, and nice long luteal phases with good high temperatures and notable body signals that have indicated that yes, indeed, ovulation did happen. The last item, which has included mildly to moderately sensitive nipples and lower back pain, certainly have contributed to the pregnancy paranoia, but it’s developed into enough of a pattern now that it just seems like that’s what is going to happen during my luteal phase.

Reasons for cycle success as of late, when they totally sucked all last year? Hmm. Well, a couple of possibilities. I lost a little bit of weight, that could be one thing. I made it down to about 7lbs below where I was before getting pregnant. (Right now I’m only 2 or 3 below that mark because, er, November = restaurant week then vacation then Thanksgiving.) The weight loss is wrapped up with being more restrictive with carbs, and while South Beach per se didn’t last that long, I continue to eat fewer carbs than I did before and I much more careful about balancing carbs with proteins. So maybe it’s helped my insulin resistance and therefore helped the PCOS symptoms. I’ve also been on a self-imposed supplement regimen that I believe has contributed to improved cycles, which includes 1200mg of NAC, 1000mg of cinnamon, ultra EPA/DHA fish oil, calcium-magnesium-zinc-vitamin D, and extra vitamin B complex with inositol, in addition to the requisite daily prenatal. (If you have PCOS and are interested in the individual effects of the above, there’s a rather exhaustive list with ratings of these and other PCOS treatments at Mary’s PCOS Treatment FAQ.) So, diet? Weight loss? Supplements? Maybe some natural hormone shifts as a result of the pregnancy? All of the above?

And exactly why am I sharing all of this right now? Mostly it’s to reassert my positivity, for my own benefit. It is CD 24 today and I haven’t ovulated yet.

I really expected that I would last Friday or Saturday, and I’m trying hard to resist feeling frustrated. The chart shows I’ve had a couple of those familiar pre-O peaks, and I would like to feel encouraged about that. But I haven’t had a positive OPK yet, and the mucus isn’t really following the same pattern as the last couple cycles (or maybe I’m being paranoid and it’s just harder to read, with the additional.. fluids.. present.. if you know what I mean). I’m starting to succumb to this nagging thought that between the stress of the move (we move out of our house next week, though we won’t get to Japan until the end of February) and regaining those few pounds, I may be sabotaging myself. Therefore my objective in this post is just to focus on how well things have been going. Because hey! There’s no cause for concern yet! Quit that, Self! One of those “good” cycles I didn’t ovulate until CD 28, so I’m even still within my own normal at this point. Therefore, don’t be so impatient, just keep doing what we’re doing and continue hoping it happens soon. Hubs has been extremely, er, accommodating. Bless his heart.

It’s just that I want to be more optimistic and less controlling with this attempt, but a key to that attitude is that my body functions properly. It’s a very annoying notion that maybe I can only ovulate when we’re not trying to conceive.


2 thoughts on “Waiting On This Egg

  1. for some insane reason, “she’ll be coming round the mountain” keeps popping into my head as i think about you waiting on the big day… your little egg just rambling around, waiting for the perfect time. Those charts are indeed quite pretty and i imagine this month’s is going to fit in nicely 🙂

  2. also, *tag* you’re it! I wanted to let you know that i’m passing along the Liebster Blog Award to you… you have NO obligation to keep it going and my research tells me that, if you choose to, you can nominate only three other blogs instead of five. So. The point is: i have rilly, rilly loved getting to ‘know’ you through your words, your photos, your thoughts and emotions. I think you deserve one hell of a lot more than a tip of the hat, but that’s all i’ve got just now. I am SO glad you chose to keep the blog going.

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