When I said I was (mostly) pleased with my body settling down into a routine? Ha. Funny stuff. What was I thinking.

I spent Friday afternoon hunched into a little ball with the worst menstrual cramps I can ever recall having. I kept telling myself to buck up, the unmedicated labor contractions had been way worse – except they kind of weren’t, because at least they came and went and this cramping just would not quit. After a few hours of this, I expelled another lump of tissue. Significantly larger (and thus even more disgusting) than the first one, too.

Aha. Well, that explains the horrible horrible cramps. Also, I suppose that explains why I’d needed to resort to medication to bring on a new cycle. I don’t know whether or not the progesterone caused the tissue to, y’know, free itself. I also don’t know if the continued (somewhat heavy) bleeding since the incident has been as a result of open blood vessels that the object could have still been attached to, or if I can go ahead and consider it a period anyway. I suppose I ought to call Dr. G, but I haven’t. Apart from the initial dismay and anger, I’ve been feeling pretty apathetic toward all of it. I’m just so sick of dealing with this.


2 thoughts on “Gaaahh

  1. You’re never far from our thoughts or our conversation, Chloe. We think of you often.

    And we know what you mean.

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