Well Hello There, Stranger

I am consistently impressed by Provera’s effectiveness. Four days after the last dose, and I have started my first postpartum period; fourteen weeks to the day since the delivery. (I think it says something about my recovery that I had to consult a calendar for that number and didn’t know it off hand.) Who knows how much longer it would have taken without the meds. My last CD1 was December 5. That feels like forever ago.

I’m glad for its arrival, and anxious to see if my hormones might start behaving normally. Naturally, I feel lousy today. Headache and cramps have shown their familiar ugly faces. And bless my poor husband, who’s put up with me like a champ all week.

I’m also feeling a little wistful. With the baby weight gone and my cycles resuming (caveats to both, but, essentially…), pregnancy and pregnancy loss have transitioned from something I experienced bodily to something I am connected to only emotionally. The physical is all but gone. A few things in a box in the closet, and three shiny urns over the fireplace.


One thought on “Well Hello There, Stranger

  1. I’m happy and i’m sad for you. Happy, of course, to hear that things are starting to get back on course. Finally. But sad for your physical discomfort. And i just want to extend my hugs through the interwebs for your wistfulness…

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