A couple of days ago, before the red incidence, when I was feeling more optimistic, I ordered some cheap internet pregnancy tests. (25 of them for less than the cost of one FRER!) They showed up an hour ago, and since I haven’t seen any more significant blood, really (one or two streaks yesterday but mostly the day was ‘all clear’) – I went ahead and tested. Even though it was the afternoon, and I hadn’t been limiting my beverages or anything. I wasn’t expecting much, even thought just perhaps I could put the whole thing to rest. Instead…

faint positive

It’s still not very dark. But, I believe it’s slightly darker than any of the FRERs. And like I said, it wasn’t first morning urine and, also, it’s a cheap internet test.


(Is it creepy that I don’t throw them away?)

So, this is 15(?) dpo. Yes, last time by 15 dpo I had nice indisputable lines. However, I also had three embryos. Therefore today I’m allowing myself a touch more optimism. I’m not really celebrating (nor otherwise fully immersing myself in the complexity of emotions of another pregnancy so soon) – one thing at a time – until I am certain the positives are getting darker. Now that I have an arsenal of cheap tests, that means I will probably be posting more of these same type of photos during the next few days. And I’ll almost assuredly be visiting Dr. G next week.

You guys. This is one crazy carnival ride.


4 thoughts on “Maybe?

  1. I’m going a little crazy with you, wondering what’s going on! Those cheap internet strips were never positive for me until i was good and pregnant. That strip has a clear second line. Then again, i would (like you) have expected the FRERs to get darker during those couple of days… I wish i had some kind of insight into this for you. I’ll be watching for your updates 😉

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