Diet Update: Little Victories

Celebrating today, because I passed the 160 lb barrier this morning! (Barely… 159.9… But it counts!) I would like to be celebrating with cake, but, hrmph.

Over 9 lbs down, about 6 more to go if I’m going to reach my goal. I honestly haven’t been that strict with it, which is probably why I’ve been flirting with 160 for the last couple of weeks. I have tried to make more good GI decisions than bad ones, and it’s easy as long as I’m cooking, but not so easy when we eat out. We kind of eat out a lot. I admit too, that the last couple of weeks I’ve fallen off the horse, exercise-wise, and I really ought to climb back on.

Oddly enough, though. Yesterday I was feeling under the weather and had Five Guys for dinner. When I have a headache, I always crave terrible greasy food and Coke. In spite of the glycemic no-nos of soda, fries and white-flour bun, especially all in one meal, I was still down today. So there is some mysticism to the weight loss thing.


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