Follow Up Appointment, #1

I am going to write a post about our trip and some of the emotional baggage that traveled with us. But, that takes some mulling over, and the following I wanted to get down before I forgot anything. 

This afternoon I went for a 2 week postpartum/”let’s see about that infected uterus” check up with Dr. G, the local OB. Apparently the MFM office is too overbooked to see me if I’m no longer a high risk pregnancy patient – but, that’s cool I guess. Anyway, the check up was short and sweet and there seems to be no reason for concern.

My blood pressure was fine; I am still taking Labetalol, and Dr. G said to continue taking it until about 2 months postpartum. He did an exam and declared my uterus to be just about back to regular size. No signs of lasting infection. I gave a brief report of my physical status, which is: no abdominal pain since the first couple of days; some ongoing light bleeding; my breasts gave that bit of trouble but it’s almost entirely subsided (that is, no more discomfort or engorgement, but I can still get teeny milky drops if I pinch). I scheduled another follow up in 6 more weeks, at which point we’ll check my blood pressure and discuss continuing Labetalol or not, and we’ll check my blood sugar and discuss going back on Metformin or not. On that note, actually checking blood sugar before prescribing Metformin? What a novel idea! Dr. G is about as script-shy as Dr. W was script-happy. Apparently here it’s all about legitimate, proven medical need for pills. Wild stuff, really.

It may be just a couple of weeks until my cycles return, or sometimes it takes two or three months. But he said there’s no reason to not expect things to return to normal. Of course, he wasn’t my doctor when we were trying to deal with just how un-normal my cycles were to start out with, so personally I’m hoping for a bit of a shock to the system and a whole new “normal.” Dr. G said to at least wait until after the first cycle was concluded before we start trying again, and after that it should be physically fine. There’s no question for me of waiting at least that long – but that’s another post. Or several. I said we would likely not go back to Clomid, and Dr. G was in support of that decision, though if we eventually changed our mind about it, he stressed the tremendous unlikelihood of conceiving triplets a second time. And it was almost definitely because it was triplets that I miscarried and therefore there is no reason to think that a subsequent Clomid-assisted pregnancy would carry any greater risk of miscarriage than otherwise.

I love Dr. G for his often indelicately phrased little nuggets of wisdom. “I’m sorry about what happened. There’s not a good word for it… Unfair. It’s unfair that happened, but it was unfair you got triplets in the first place.” And thus, Dr. G so concisely summed up the last four months.


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