Cause For Concern

I will be spending at least another day in the hospital. I told the docs about the occasional discomforts around where Baby A is, and they said it might be what I thought (A’s movements without the amniotic buffer), or it could be ligament pain, or it could possibly be a warning of infection. Based on that alone they wanted to keep me another day to watch for increased pain. And then a couple of hours ago I started noticing traces of yellow-green among the discharge. The docs say it may be pus – not that I need to be told that green mucus is never a good sign when you’re worried about infection, and is definitely a reason for further monitoring.

Today’s CBC blood test was still normal and my vitals have still been fine, but they haven’t been taken for a couple of hours. A nurse tried to get the heartbeats with the doppler this morning, but she was only sure she had heard two of them. Seemed to be B and C. So the same guy from yesterday did another ultrasound today. He was still not great, but a lot better than before. He appears to be one of the MFM residents and not an intern or tech – just a really amateurish one who needs to develop his patient care skills. Seriously. Anyway, he did find three heartbeats that are still okay, but he said there really doesn’t look like much fluid at all around Baby A. He’s looking very constricted, and without the fluid to transmit the signal, it’s a lot harder to get a clear picture of him.

Not feeling very upbeat right now. Also, very very tired.


3 thoughts on “Cause For Concern

  1. So sorry to hear that things are still not going well. And it just makes it worse when you have caregivers who are not sensitive. So sorry you have to deal with that! I am 18w5d, about the same as you, and I can’t imagine what you must be going through. Thank you for the update and we will continue to pray for you.

  2. I’m still optimistic, even if you’re not. I’m still sending good energy your way.

    Sorry if you’re tired…

  3. well, there’s definitely some good news in there as far as the CBC being normal, right? But i’m so sorry about the rest, about it all. I understand being tired… i don’t know if it’s the same with you right now, but one of the absolute hardest things for me about the hospitalization was not being able to have more than 3 hours (at best!) to myself, to rest, to sleep, to do anything without interruptions for vitals checks. It completely wore me down.

    hoping for you to be able to go home and rest. hoping for good news.

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