I’m A Sucker For Cute Onesies

First off, yes, it’s belly photo day. And no, I don’t have a belly photo. Hubs spent the weekend out of town and I don’t actually have any friends locally that I would feel comfortable calling and asking to come over to take a picture of my belly. We haven’t lived here that long, you know? He gets home in another couple of hours but I plan to be asleep by then. Ok, I do have an unofficial, not-for-the-record belly photo I can share with you – here.

I took this after I got out of bed this morning as proof that I am having no trouble whatsoever sleeping, lately. Enough so that I wake up with not mere sheet wrinkles, but full-on imprints from the stitching of my mattress embedded in my tummy. I don’t think that’s ever happened before.

Anyway. How about some cuteness? Ok, one of the awesome things about having a mix of genders is that no matter what color the cute baby product is, I can buy it. For instance, right after Wednesday’s appointment, we stopped by Babies ‘R Us (since we were already in the ‘big city’ for the appointment). They had all this awesome rocker stuff with guitars and skulls. Love it.

blue rocker onesies

Boy stuff

rocker onesies

Girl stuff

Eek, sorry for the color on the second photo. In general I am not a fan of “Everything for girls must be pink and everything for boys must be blue” – however, in this instance, the awesome factor won out.

It turns out I have a severe weakness for animal onesies. We haven’t bought that much stuff yet, but this is my favorite piece of clothing so far:

koala onesie

Marsupials are the best

And, it’s a neutral color, which means I will either put it on whichever infant it currently fits best, or whichever one just threw up on itself and needs changing. Because they don’t really need their own wardrobes until a bit later, right?

Finally, this absolutely had to be purchased.



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