Hey, These Things Actually DO Something!

(This is that mysterious ‘other thing’ I alluded to yesterday.)

My breasts! They make a fluid now! Crazy wild biology stuff!

This discovery happened Friday night courtesy of my dear husband. Uh, we shan’t describe what the experimental conditions were, exactly. This isn’t that kind of blog. Suffice it to say that the taste of the fluid has been described as fatty/oily and slightly sweet. It is mostly clear with occasional dots of white, and it is slippery but becomes sticky as it dries. I suppose this is the beginning of colostrum? It is a very very small amount, but both nipples will produce teeny drops of the stuff upon demand, with the right being a bit more forthcoming. Nothing measurable in tablespoons, nor anything so unbecoming as “leaking.” It takes a fair bit of squeezing, for now.

I thought not-quite-17-weeks was pretty early for colostrum, or nipple discharge, or whatever you want to call it. Consulting the Google, though, lots of women have it show up in the second trimester, lots of hits around 19 and 20 weeks but I’ll ascribe the extra two weeks to additional triplet-induced hormone rampage. And hey, if I’m going to breastfeed three babies, I’ll take all the time I can get to work up to maximum boob output. The only annoying thing (at least until I start soaking my shirts) is that my breast/nipple tenderness from those early weeks had just about totally gone away, and now they are back to feeling heavy and slightly sore again. It could, maybe, possibly help if I would quit squeezing them. I can’t help it, it’s really damn amusing. All these years they’ve just sat there, and now they do a trick!


3 thoughts on “Hey, These Things Actually DO Something!

  1. well, it’s agreed then: this is a hilarious post! the part that really got me was the very last sentence – not least because i was pumping at the time. it made me proud for a second, actually. hey! they do do something! “Mine make food, what can yours do?”

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