Fuck, it’s been a while…

I pulled the IUD out on Monday.  I ordered a moon cup, some glad rags and a day calendar all on the same day.  The calendar and the moon cup arrived toady at around 2:00 PM.  My period started around 4:00.  The back pain started at 4:30.  The irritability arrived at 5:00.  I am now uncomfortable, cranky and unwilling to do my homework.  I am unwilling to feed my cats.  (It’s not like they’re going to starve.  Someone else will do it.)  Mostly, I am unwilling to do anything but sit here and stare at the fire I built a few hours ago and read blogs about kinky sex. I kind of want a nap, but it seems inappropriate since it’s nearly 6:00.  Someone in the house is making a TV dinner… the smell is so disgusting.

Jesus Christ I had forgotten how unpleasant this is.  E. is in for a treat when he gets home.

(PS – someone just fed the cats.)


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