I am a Badass

I’ve written before about my vacilations regarding my IUD.  I like that it’s birth control I don’t have to think about, but I’m concerned because I’ve been on hormonal birth control since I was 19.  I have not experienced my own body’s cycle since high school.

Anyway, after my meditation retreat this weekend, (which I would be willing to write about, but I kinda doubt people care), I came to the conclusion that this thing really shouldn’t be in my body anymore.  I’m tired of getting yeast infections at the drop of a hat.  And I really wonder if the IUD isn’t somehow connected to the PCOS.  I think a doctor would tell me that they’re unrelated, but the PCOS started about 6 months after the IUD was placed. To me, they seem connected.  I think it’s doing more harm than good.


I did some research.  And I pulled it out.  Myself.  I read a bunch of forums where women had done it themselves.  Then I also read instructions on the AMA’s website.  Basically, you just grasp the strings and pull.  If there’s resistance then it could be embedded in the uterus and you should stop immediately.  There was no resistance when I tried.  Honestly, getting a good grasp on the strings was the hardest part.  The whole operation took about two minutes and then I cramped for about five minutes afterward.  And that was that.  Ideally, one should see a doctor for this sort of thing, but I didn’t want to spend nearly 300 bucks for something I could do myself.  If I had had insurance, I definitely would have gone to a professional.  But the republicans shot down the government health care plan, so I blame them.

The husband refused to help me.  He was terrified, and to be honest, I might be scared of removing something from his body had the tables been turned.  But maybe not.  There was that one time in college when I pierced my (then) boyfriend’s ear.  (Is it weird that it was kind of a turn on?)

Regardless, I’m free of  it.  I can have a cycle again and the moon will be happy to have me back.  Oh, and for the people who are wondering if we’re trying to conceive – the answer is a resounding No.  We’re just going to use non-hormonal forms of birth control. Now I’m off to amazon to buy some sort of reusable menstrual device and a calendar for keeping track of my cycle.  I’m kind of excited.


4 thoughts on “I am a Badass

  1. holy shit. you really are a badass! i admit, the thought of removing my own IUD makes me stressed and queasy, though not as much as the thought of inserting my own IUD. As far as the non-hormonal birth control, Chloe has given you charts and resources galore to know exactly when you’re ovulating. What great teamwork!

  2. Whew! You’re a brave woman. Good for you. So, I highly recommend the Diva Cup. And (I’m sure you know fully well but I feel compelled to say it) I also recommend that unless/until your cycles are really really regulated, you use a barrier method most of the time unless you are willing to accept the, uh, consequences. Maybe see if your library has a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

    • Don’t worry, one of the things I bought on amazon was a box of condoms. I also purchased a Moon Cup, which is similar to the diva cup but less expensive. I will look into the book. Maybe Evan can get it from his school. (I wish I could be a fly on the wall when he checks it out.)

  3. Wow… didn’t think it was possible to do by the IUD owner, lol, thought it was more of a professional type of work 😛

    Either way, glad to hear and more importantly, you are absolutely correct in that the body should function the way it was intended! With the IUD out and your period regulating again, you should feel a lot better. Although I’m sure the side-effects and management of periods aren’t the most enjoyable, your body is now FREE 😀 Cheers.

    I think it was a rational idea for him not to do it for you. After all, if YOU are doing it, you will know when you feel discomfort or pain fast enough to stop doing whatever action. In his case, he would need to wait for you to respond whether it hurts/uncomfortable or whatever before he could stop, therefore making it much more dangerous.

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