14 Weeks Pregnant With Triplets: Second Trimester!

Measuring 40.5″ around and up approximately 6 lbs. Still have some regular clothes that fit, such as the ones in this photo, but more and more I’m wearing the maternity clothes.

Fourteen weeks is a milestone, as it marks the beginning of the second trimester! A normal pregnant women apparently looks forward to trimester two for a reprieve from the challenges of trimester one – more energy, less nausea, etc. My first trimester was astonishingly easy, and besides, I expect that all bets are off for any relief in a triplet pregnancy. I mean, before the end of this trimester I am supposed to be as big as a regular full term mama. I’m already seeing occasional evidence of tougher times ahead. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve started to have some stiffness in my lower back and hip joints, especially when first getting up in the morning or if I’ve been sitting for a while. I know, of course, that I’ve just barely scratched the surface as far as discomfort goes. And while I’m complaining, I can’t seem to get much relief from my super-dry sinuses, or my itchy skin. Also, I keep waiting for the ravenous appetite to kick in.


One thought on “14 Weeks Pregnant With Triplets: Second Trimester!

  1. SECOND TRIMESTER! yeah! yes, a sad truth i discovered: moms of multiples seem to pretty much skip that “break” of a second trimester. seems we go straight from first trimester morning sickness to third trimester exhaustion and achiness… or at least, i did. i hope your second is as relatively breezy as your first 🙂

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