Not the Proper Forum

This post does not belong here.  This post takes up space that does not belong to it, but I have nowhere else to put it.

Tonight I turned in my fifth paper since starting law school and it was the first paper I’ve written that did not include a meltdown.  Seriously.  The others have all included at least one evening that involved an hysterical, crying fit in which I worried about grades, my GPA, my class rank, my general worthiness to be in law school, my worth as a human being, etc etc etc.  This paper did not include that.  I am not sure how I did, and the other meltdown-laden papers make me wary of too much optimism.  BUT that is not the point.  The point was that there was not a single screaming and crying fit.  Hooray for me.

There is one thing – I did kind of procrastinate on this paper.  I was afraid of it and so I didn’t look at it until I absolutely had to, which was today.  So that’s something to improve on.  But still! No meltdowns!

My reward for remaining calm was to spend some time in the kitchen making banana bread and as much red wine as I wanted.  The house smells like banana bread now, which no one ever complains about.

(And again, this is the completely wrong venue, (which, incidentally is also something I’m learning about in law school), and I’m sorry for taking up space, but I had to share.)


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