11 Weeks Pregnant With Triplets

38.5″ around. Almost forgot to take the photo yesterday! I am definitely noticing the expansion, though I don’t necessarily think it’s obvious in this photo. I’m starting to have clothes that don’t fit. This particular shirt doesn’t have much longer.

The growth has probably got a lot to do with the fact that this was the week I decided to dial up the food intake. It’s a little difficult thus far – physically and mentally. To switch from a mentality of portion control and calorie restriction and all of a sudden try to reprogram myself to GAIN! GAIN! GAIN!, it’s challenging. It is also just hard to eat more than twice as much food, volume-wise, as I’m accustomed to in a day. That’s only the goal, I haven’t yet trained my digestive tract to actually accept that sort of quantity. Already I’m feeling like it’s just after Thanksgiving dinner all over again, all day for the whole past week. Sacrifices……

Bonus picture! Me and my eldest baby:



One thought on “11 Weeks Pregnant With Triplets

  1. looking great!! i commend you on the food thing, my appetite really didn’t increase until a few weeks into the second trimester. good luck 🙂

    your bonus photo makes me really, really miss my kitties.

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