Good news from the Navy! (Hey, it’s not every day you can say that!)

Hubs heard from his detailer yesterday. [Detailer (noun) : somebody in the Department of the Navy who assigns officers and enlisted personnel to specific billets.] Hubs’ spot on the ship he was supposed to go to in Japan at the beginning of next year has been filled. By some other officer. That is a massive relief.

It’s not that I don’t want to go to Japan, because I truly did. Of course, it was shocking news when we first found out we were going to be stationed there, but we were both pretty excited about it. I just don’t really want to go to Japan with three babies no more than 6 months old (hopefully less!). Not when it’s very likely that the ship will spend a lot of time out at sea and then I would have nobody around. Well, nobody except the always very generous other spouses, who would know me only as “the helpless triplet mom.” There would have been other problems, too, such as potentially needing some pretty specialized pediatric care in a non-English-speaking place. Not to mention all the family members who would really want to visit the babies but not so much want to pay the thousands of dollars for travel costs.

That’s why as soon as we got the other, even more shocking news about the triplets, Hubs called the detailer before we had even called either of our parents. The detailer has been really understanding and seems to be completely on our side, really trying to do what he can. That, and it turns out that as a general rule they try not to send anybody with more than 2 dependents to an overseas station just because it costs the government too much money.

Finding out that he got Hubs’ Japan job covered is, well, great! We don’t know yet what – or, more importantly, where – the new job will be. But, it will be in the US. Hubs has told the detailer explicitly that he will take any job at all in San Diego. That’s essentially the only good option for us. Lots of family support in southern California, and a few good friends there too. Here’s hoping.

It sure would have been fun though, if things had gone otherwise. Quite the adventure, I’m sure.


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