Morning Sickness Strikes At Last

At 9 weeks 2 days, I puked for the first time.

I’ve been feeling good. A bit bloated. My biggest complaint, honestly, has been gas pains. Some trouble sleeping, but that’s at least half emotional. Also, urinating feels decidedly different, like I have to squeeze harder than normal, but it’s not painful. Yesterday morning I had a headache but it wasn’t really strong and it was gone by afternoon. Otherwise, I’ve had little to complain about physically so far.

In the last week or two, I’ve been having really brief nausea just as I’m preparing my breakfast. I normally get up, let the dog out, brush my teeth, take my vitamin, and then immediately make breakfast. The nausea normally goes away as soon as I start to eat. This morning I made some microwave oatmeal. I started to get that now-familiar unsettled feeling during the two minutes it was in the microwave. I drank a little orange juice. There was a half pan of cornbread on the counter, and I had a small piece to try and calm things down. Usually that would be enough.

I sat on the couch, starting to feel better, waiting for the oatmeal to cool. Then the dog suddenly decides he wants to go out, even though he had refused ten minutes earlier when I offered. I stood up to open the door for him and the nausea whooshed in with that sudden movement. I felt the super salivation and that was the end. I lost the cornbread and OJ.

Immediately after, I felt perfectly fine, ate the oatmeal, went about my morning. I think I’m going to start taking my vitamin after breakfast instead of before and see if that helps any. Because, ok, as morning sickness goes I know this isn’t bad at all – but I really hate vomiting. Really really a lot.


On a separate note, you know how I was considering doing either a regular family email or a cleaned-up happy-face blog? My mother in law requested a blog. Like, I didn’t pose it as a question to her. She asked Hubs whether I had considered writing a pregnancy blog and oh it sure would be nice and she worries every day about how I’m feeling. So, I guess that answers that question.


2 thoughts on “Morning Sickness Strikes At Last

  1. If the vitamin you are talking about is your prenatal, you might try switching things up and taking it before bed. I hope the morning sickness doesn’t last too many weeks!

  2. i really, really hate vomiting, too. i wish i had any words of wisdom from my experiences a few months ago… all i can tell you is that the advice everyone gave me (eat a few crackers before getting up in the morning, try ginger) did NOT work at all. the crackers tended to make things worse.

    i take my prenatal at night and that never seemed to cause any problems for me, but i’ve heard from others who had a hard time with it that the gummy prenatals are a good way to go. there are also variations on prenatal pops that i’ve heard good things about. B-natal i probably should have tried since i discovered that the B6 really made a huge difference for me (especially in combo with Unisom, it seems to help a lot of people) and cold fruit popsicles were one of the only things that felt and tasted really good to me.

    And lastly (sorry, this is turning into a post of my own), i embarked on some brief research for you about the best way to keep the fams updated – some kind of abbreviated photo/blog site combo. but i didn’t find anything useful. so i’m glad it’s sorted out!

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