8 Weeks Pregnant With Triplets

I decided if we’re doing belly photos, we need to start early. Since I’m going to blow up like a zeppelin pretty darn quick and I’ll look full term when I’m only 4 months in. Oh goody. According to the original LMP-based count, Sundays are my “zero” days, as in 8 weeks 0 days today, so I’m going to try to do all of the photos on Sundays.

Here’s the first iteration. 8 weeks:

8 weeks belly photo

I am pretty sure this is essentially indistinguishable from normal, nonpregnant me. I’ll call it a baseline photo.

I’ve been thinking about the best way to share all the belly and ultrasound pictures with the scattered family and friends who I don’t necessarily want to have reading this blog. Send out regularly scheduled emails? Create a new blog, full of only sunshiny happy stuff and none of the angst and panic? Hubs suggested I just use Flickr or Picasa – but I don’t know, I might want to give verbal updates about doctor’s appointments and so forth.


One thought on “8 Weeks Pregnant With Triplets

  1. yay! i love belly photos! i like the “baseline” idea, makes comparing so much fun 🙂

    been thinking of you… hope you’re doing ok. hubs talked you into the “let’s embrace this” philosophy yet?

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