The Family: It Knows

First off, I’d like to remind folks who may be new to the blog that there are two writers here. Zoe has been a very great friend for ages, and I invited her to have authorship privileges because I thought her very diverse views from my own on pregnancy and parenthood would add some interesting flavor to ‘just another conception/pregnancy blog.’ Her last post was very much an example of that. I am very excited to hear that she’s opening up to the discussion. Perhaps spending time with her sweet little angelic honorary niece/nephew will help to persuade her – or maybe an afternoon with my little hellion will promptly return her to her happily childless future visions. Who knows, and no one should make that choice but Zoe and her husband. What I do want to emphasize is that I, the pregnant one, am not experiencing any doubts about why anybody would want to go through this experience. In fact I’m a little surprised by how few reservations I’ve had during the last couple of weeks. Maybe it’s the hormones, but the vacillating emotions I’ve been feeling have alternated between sublime satisfaction and OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S REALLY HAPPENING!

So about telling the family I’m pregnant. I mentioned we told my mother-in-law basically right away. Now, we’ve personally told my parents, my brother, Hubs’ dad and grandmother. (We’ve told several close friends, too, but it isn’t public knowledge yet. As in, it isn’t on Facebook.) Everybody was thrilled, of course. My brother is stoked to be one of those bad-influence uncles, and it’s the first grandchild for both of our parents so they’re simultaneously overjoyed and feeling their age just a bit.

Like I said, the above are who we’ve personally told, but all of Hubs’ mom’s family knows as well. It’s a pretty cute story. Hubs has a great grandmother who is still living, who had her 100th birthday on Saturday. The family threw her a party Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately with the move and the reporting date, we couldn’t make it, but Hubs’ mom flew out for the big event. During the party, she managed to get a private moment with the birthday girl (her grandmother), and told her that she was going to be a great-great grandmother (for the 2nd time). And mother-in-law asked great-grandma to be the one to announce the news to everyone else. Aunts, grandparents, cousins, the works. From all accounts it was really quite touching.

Normally it would be too early for me to be comfortable spreading the news around this early, but my mother-in-law really wanted to take advantage of a pretty remarkable occasion, and I think she was right to do it so we gave our blessing. The only trouble is that Hubs’ mom’s cousin (his 1st cousin once removed? is that right?) didn’t get the memo about keeping it on the DL and posted a congratulatory (though nonspecific) note on his FB wall. So by the time we’d called Hubs’ dad, this evening, his dad’s girlfriend had already guessed. Meh.

Symptom watch: I’m feeling pretty much normal. My nipples continue to be sensitive to touch or to hot shower water, but no problems with bras or clothes bothering them yet. I have had to get up in the middle of the night to pee a couple of times, though I would certainly not say my bladder is ruling my life. I’ve been rather sleepy and have either napped or gone to bed by 10pm most every day for the last week. Hmm, what else? I’m pretty itchy all over, but I think that’s more the total climate change than pregnancy. Also, I discovered last night that I can definitely not lie on my stomach any more – ouch.

Oh yeah, and I no longer like scrambled eggs.




3 thoughts on “The Family: It Knows

  1. That sounds like a really sweet and fantastic way for your family to have found out! (though too bad about the fb slip…) I know what you mean about the “too early” feeling, but i’ve definitely learned that there is no right or wrong time to say anything, it just depends on what you’re cool with. And that just sounds like the timing was so good…

    I read Zoe’s post and had a lot of flashbacks to the feelings i had about children for a long time. When i reached an age when the reality of the question Will I Have Kids? began to be something to think about, i honestly wasn’t sure. For several years i was sure i did not want them. And then i didn’t know one way or the other, but i knew for sure i’d not yet met anyone to have kids with, which seemed like an important first step. I don’t know… it’s an interesting journey, and one that people obviously find their way through on their own terms. Whatever the decision, though, i always find it heartening when people actually take the time to think it through and really decide, one way or the other. Hardly the sort of thing to be taken lightly.

    Which, i guess, is why i’m not surprised to read that you haven’t had any freak-out moments. Not that you can’t or won’t, but one thing i’ve learned for sure is that overcoming obstacles in ttc will really force you to think about just how much you want to do this – doesn’t leave a lot of room for the “oh shit, what did i do?” moments!

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