Well What Do You Know

Happy CD1 everybody!

*party horn sounds*

Stop the presses because I have started my period. In fact I’m declaring yesterday was CD1, since after my ‘Is it? I don’t know…’ post, things had gotten more active by the next time I checked. I’ve managed to start my period, after a reasonable length cycle, without inducing it with drugs! Woo hoo! There wasn’t even any long drawn-out brown spotting leading up to it. It’s, like, unprecedented.

Dr. W told me that I can assume, if my period starts before CD35, that I did ovulate. Maybe I did. In fact, exactly 14 days before CD1 was the day of the possible fertile mucus sighting. My cervical position may even corroborate this hypothesis. But when you look at the chart…

Somebody please tell me where on that chart I ovulated.  CD18, the day of the mucus sighting, is the day after that spike right in the middle. I suppose it’s possible that it was 2 days after that, where the line dips down for two days and comes back up. Otherwise, I really don’t know. Also, I was taking OPKs that whole time and never got a positive, or even a questionable. Then again, I was taking them first thing in the morning, and I know that’s not really the best time of day so maybe, maybe the tests could have missed it.

It’s odd, I am much more enthused than disappointed about the arrival of my period this time. Ok, sure, I’m a little disappointed – because if I did indeed ovulate somewhere in that window, our timing this month couldn’t have been much more on target. Still, even if there’s not a positive HPT, it’s a positive step none the less.


2 thoughts on “Well What Do You Know

  1. Happy Cycle Day 1!! That’s excellent news! To tell the truth, i’m not sure where i would put ovulation on that chart, either, but come on – a 33 day cycle? That’s so great. Things are definitely looking up, up, up.

  2. OHH! This is such good news!! I’m really happy for you. Maybe now would be a good time to restart the pre-pregnancy meditations?

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