Whole Lotta Nothin

Day 16 of the voyage and no sign yet of land.

It’s probably for the best that I haven’t ovulated yet, since the sick husband hasn’t been putting out this week. (Bless his heart. And his poor, poor sinuses.) He’s been feeling slightly better the last day or two, so the weekend is looking good.

The one minor problem with weekend ovulation is that I’m supposed to go into Dr. W’s office for this post-coital test whenever I get a positive OPK, and they didn’t give me any instructions for what to do if that happens to be on a day that the office is closed. Oh well. I’m not that psyched about that particular test anyway. I mean, on the one hand, the more poking and prodding the more vindicated I feel, not to mention that it would add to the pool of data. Still, WebMD has this to say: “Many doctors question the value of the postcoital test to check for infertility. It is not done very often.” (New doctor. Soon.) Anyway the worrying over what to do if I happen to ovulate on Saturday is a pretty pointless waste of energy, and I really have enough actual things to worry about that this shouldn’t even make the list.

I would say I’m doing alright at maintaining a positive enough attitude about this cycle. I haven’t yet convinced myself that it won’t happen, but I haven’t put all my pretty shiny hopes into this one flimsy basket, either.  If I do ovulate, great! – but if not, well, that sucks but we’ll move on.


One thought on “Whole Lotta Nothin

  1. Just checking in with you… did the weekend bring any promising signs? Maybe you were just subconsciously giving the man-half a chance to regain his energy 🙂 It sounds like you really are doing pretty well with things right now, especially with the move to keep you busy. I hope you’re able to keep that less-than-obsessed outlook and that it carries you right on through to ovulation and (fingers crossed) a positive of a different color!

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