Pair Of Phone Calls


My mother in law was unimpressed.

We told her we’ve been trying to get pregnant since the beginning of the year. She said, “So… are you pregnant?” No. “So you just wanted to tell me you’ve been trying?” Uh huh. “Oh. Ok.”

Then there was about 15 seconds of conversation about being fertility-challenged, before she changed the subject entirely.

I’ll tell you, I was a little startled at how underwhelmed she was. She regularly inquires when we might bless her with grandbabies. And now we say we’ve been trying, and she basically goes “That’s nice. You know, next time you’re out here, you should help me install a pond in my yard!”

I haven’t told my parents yet. I really am not looking forward to it. They’ll probably take it more seriously. They are generally more emotive people, and are way better at empathy; they won’t just dismiss it as non-news that they’re no closer to a grandchild. They will worry.


I called the doctor’s office yesterday. I was kind of cranky, especially after I had to call 4 times before anybody answered and then I was still put on hold. I told the tech that Dr. W hadn’t returned my call Friday. He wasn’t going to be able to speak to me yesterday, either, because he was in surgery all day. I said that was ok, because what I really wanted was an appointment and not to just talk to him on the phone, anyway. I don’t want to just try again with a higher dosage. I pretty clearly did not ovulate at all and I really want to try to figure out what’s going on.

The tech went, “Absolutely. How’s Thursday morning?”

Tremendous. I don’t know what it’ll involve, but I do have an appointment this week. Good start.


One thought on “Pair Of Phone Calls

  1. Whoooo! for the doctor’s appointment this week, that’s fantastic! I know you’ve had to deal with this office being less than responsive (um, i guess that’s kind of the point of the part of the story about your doc not returning the call, right?) – but that’s great that they can get you in so soon. I really, really, really hope you hear something more satisfying than “let’s try a higher dosage.”

    As for the in-laws, that is kind of weird, huh? I wonder if maybe she was trying to actually be respectful, by not making it a big deal or putting too much pressure on you? I know i was always kind of surprised when i would tell people we were trying and having a hard time and they’d just kind of shrug and say “it’ll happen.” I don’t know what i was looking for, exactly, but an expression of concern for my emotional well being would have been nice! At the same time, i realize it was kind of awkward for people, and they didn’t always know what was the right thing to say. I hope your conversation with your mom is a little more comforting for you, or that there’s more give-and-take.

    Keep us updated on that appointment!

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