Pictures Of Stuff I’ve Peed On

So I didn’t get the chance to post these until now. Riding in the car in the desolation of central California. On my iPhone. I took the photos yesterday morning and so there are three tests I’ve taken since that are not pictured, but they’re more of the same. Hopefully the formatting of this post isn’t atrocious.


3 thoughts on “Pictures Of Stuff I’ve Peed On

  1. well, it does look like it’s starting to get darker, doesn’t it? man, i am so sorry, this must be SO frustrating for you. what do you think your doc will do? is he going to just keep upping the dosage of Clomid or is time to run some tests that might help determine what’s causing the delay? What do YOU want to do?

  2. Well, I don’t really know what i’m looking at. But things appear to be fairly ambiguous. Once again, I second Emily. This situation is really sucky. What do you want to do? What do you think the doctor will want? It looks like the clomid has done absolutely nothing for you. When, exactly, is the 1 year date?

    And.. I say this with some hesitation, but… is there any set of circumstances under which you would consider adoption? I have not given up hope for a pregnancy and I certainly hope you haven’t… but… if the primary goal is having children then maybe that should at least be a conversation if it hasn’t been already.

    I hope that didn’t sound preachy or forlorn.

    • I am, as you’d expect, not keen on just boosting the dosage. I intend to talk my way into the doctor’s office if I can.

      As far as adoption goes. One, I’m not going there until we’re much, much farther down the diagnosis path. But even if we learned that we positively, definitely were not capable of having a biological child, I think at this point in our lives we’d have a lot of trouble with the adoption process simply because we’re not settled. So no, that’s not the conversation we’re having, and it won’t be at least for a few years.

      Not that I’m against it or would never consider it, it’s just if that’s where we end up, it’s a ways off.

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