If I Keep Saying It, It Has To Be True

Ovulation must be coming soon.

BBT was low again today – not quite as low as yesterday but the same as Monday. Cramps continue. Yesterday evening’s OPK was the darkest yet, but still not as dark as the control; this morning’s was light, but the control was light too, in a nearly-defective-test kind of way. Relatively speaking, it was probably similar to  yesterday morning’s test. Plus if I hold up the dark strip from yesterday evening next to the light one from this morning, yesterday’s test line is equal to today’s control. (Naturally that’s ridiculous and doesn’t mean anything, other than that I’m an obsessive lunatic who keeps 2 weeks’ worth of pee-soaked OPKs lined up on the bathroom counter like I’m Howard Hughes in the screening room or something. Bless my husband for permitting this behavior.) I took a picture with my phone, but now the phone is refusing to email the picture. It’s a crappy picture anyway. I’ll take a better one later.

I was looking at the crazy temperature chart from last cycle and realized that last time’s “temperature shift” happened around CD 26/27. It wasn’t very ovulation-like, as I didn’t have sustained high temperatures; but I’d had consistent lows up to CD 26, then there was a sudden spike that lasted about 2 days, and then the wildly oscillating temps for the rest of the month until I went on the progesterone pills. Whatever kind of crazy chemical warfare was going on, there was definitely a clear shift from stage 1 (ok) to stage 2 (not ok), and it happened just about at the same point I’m at now in this cycle. Not that I’m bracing myself for a repeat, just – well, I don’t know, I guess I feel slightly better that the length of the stage 1 of whatever-it-was was just was long as the first stage of this cycle (so far). Except this time there won’t be chemical warfare after the prolonged build-up; there will be sustained high temperatures, and sunshine and roses and butterflies, and skipping merrily along. Lots of skipping. Because everything is working fine and therefore I’ll be happy.


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