I’ve just noticed that my own comments on the blog are getting stuck in my spam filter. That’s weird, right? So, sorry for comment/reply delays. I didn’t mean to offend.

Anyway, I know everyone is waiting with baited breath for me to announce that I’ve ovulated. I’m afraid I still can’t do that. I keep thinking It MUST be close! and then… well, nothing seems to materialize. I did have my lowest temperature of the month this morning, down to where I think it’s supposed to be in the follicular phase, and it was pretty low yesterday as well. That on its own suggests that Zoe’s theory of a stealth egg release is pretty unlikely (and that if it somehow had happened, then fertilization definitely didn’t take place). I’ve been having some little cramps – barely cramps, really just pressure – in the lower abdomen yesterday and today.  The OPK test lines yesterday morning and today were a bit darker than previous ones, but they still were definitely negative. The mucus and cervical position have been inconsistent. I’m suspecting (or at least hoping) that this description from Fertility Friend explains what’s going on:

The dominant follicle produces a sharp rise in estrogen. (You can recognize this stage of your cycle by closely monitoring your cervical fluid). Estrogen is at its peak one to two days prior to ovulation.

This estrogen surge signals the release of LH (Luteinizing Hormone) … The LH surge is necessary for ovulation to occur. The LH surge (the highest concentration of LH) occurs 12-24 hours prior to ovulation but LH begins to rise about 36 hours before ovulation.

The low BBT would back up an estrogen surge, and the slightly darker OPK would back up the beginning of the rise, and thus maybe I’m a day or two away. But, well, I really don’t know, and the doubt is starting to resurface. Some of the message boards talk about cramping in the days leading up to ovulation, though I haven’t found much science-y stuff to support that.

It’s CD 26 and I’m really trying to stay optimistic, but I’m not sure how long I can keep it up.


4 thoughts on “Patience

  1. hey, i like that estrogen theory, that makes sense to me! especially with the darkening opk lines… So what was your doctor’s take on things, before this cycle? Did he want you to ovulate or to ovulate by a certain day? I know it’s hard to keep that optimism up, but you WILL ovulate – and soon! – and then you’ll need to really draw on those positivity reserves 🙂

  2. The doctor’s instruction was to call him on CD 35 or the first day of my period, whichever is first. I guess his rule of thumb is that a successfully ovulatory cycle won’t be more than 35 days long – which, obviously, if I ovulate on CD 27 (28? 29??) then I want the luteal phase to extend past CD 35. So I guess by his count I’ve already missed my chance?

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