Crazy Aunt Zoe

I think my previous posts have made a pretty solid case that I’m a bit of a free spirit.  I celebrate the phases of the moon, I rely on my animal totems, I communicate with spirits, (though it’s rarely me who initiates the contact), and I am very skilled at interpreting dreams.  I march to the beat of my own accordion.

Last night, my dream was about Chloe’s family.  I saw them standing on a green cliff side with the ocean behind them.  It was windy, and everyone’s hair was getting batted about.  They were smiling and waving at me – all four of them.  On Chloe’s hip sat a dark-skinned toddler and in the dream I understood that (s)he had been adopted.  (In the dream I had no idea where the child had been adopted from, but when I think about it now – Ethiopia keeps popping into my head).  In the arms of Chloe’s husband was a much younger infant.  The dream only lasted a few seconds but I remember feeling so happy for them.  They made a beautiful family and It was obvious that they were happy, or at least happy to see me.

If you wanted to, you could strictly interpret this dream to mean that Chloe will have two children, and the first will be adopted.  If you wanted to think about it more generally, which I am inclined to do,  you could say that Chloe’s quest for maternity will not be anywhere near as simple as she thought it would be.  The path will be different and the results will be different than hoped for.  This has already become somewhat apparent and the dream is a signal not to lose hope if the trend continues.

Chloe — I’ll happily dig out my tarot cards or my animal cards and we can go deeper into this if you want.


2 thoughts on “Crazy Aunt Zoe

  1. Thank you for sharing this. It makes me happy that you’ve been so involved in my little ordeal. I would say the path has already been more complicated and twisting than I’d expected when we started out. Encouragement is nice, regardless of what realm it comes from. 🙂

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