Our Baby Won’t Be Named “Sequoia”

It appears that there was no fireside ovulation this weekend. I had expected that checking signs was going to be difficult with the lack of modern conveniences, and it turned out to be even more challenging than I thought. I didn’t factor in that not showering for two and a half days (with high temperatures and hiking) makes one’s cervical state somewhat difficult and, honestly, unpleasant to try to interpret. Or maybe that’s just me. Don’t think about that for too long. Nobody needs that mental image (or aroma). I shouldn’t even be talking about it on the internet. Human beings are disgusting. I mean, I’m not especially dainty (duh, really?) and I tend to think of myself as generally more comfortable with my body than the average woman, but by the drive home I was like, “Uh, no, I’m not touching that.” Thank goodness for soap. Also, my sleeping bag makes my temperature go up over a full degree; and when the OPK strips say they are the dunk-only kind, that means they really indeed don’t work if you pee straight onto them. They don’t care if you lack a proper pee-catching device. Tough luck.

Also, the sex: it did not happen. Sad! In my head I was looking forward to camping sex, for its recreational and not just procreational sake. But in addition to being gross and unappealing (and it wasn’t just me), we also got pretty overly drunk, and stayed up way too late at night, and the campsite was small and our friends’ tent was practically on top of ours. It just wasn’t that magical. When I took my temperature this morning and it was the lowest it’s been all month, you know I did a little happy dance that we didn’t miss ovulation. Who knows whether the traveling actually delayed it, or it just wasn’t going to happen until some time after CD18 no matter what.

Let me say that otherwise the camping was awesome. We hiked, and ate marshmallows and granola, and scrambled over rocks, and stuck our feet in the river, and cooked steak over open flames, and watched the ranger presentation in the amphitheater, and took pictures of the biggest tree on the planet, and even saw a bear. The end.


One thought on “Our Baby Won’t Be Named “Sequoia”

  1. oh, that makes me want to go camping!! i think we’ve probably missed our window of opportunity up here in the northwest, but we do have a fireplace, so i can pretend.

    So it sounds like your timing ended up being ok, then. Sorry you didn’t ovulate earlier like you might have thought, but after last month’s cleanse, maybe your body just needs a little extra time to gear back up!

    And: holy crap, a BEAR!?

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