The Scientific Method (Can Go To Hell)

Hubs accused me of throwing the scientific method out the window on my grand fertility experiment. It was as we were climbing into bed and I was getting my iPod all ready to go for guided relaxation, and he pointed out that if I was conducting a proper experiment, I would only change one factor at a time. But here I am with my medications, meditations, vitamins, the teetotaling… He’s right, of course. It bruises my ego a little bit, but it’s true. As I’ve said before, I know if I ovulate but don’t conceive this month, I’m going to wind up doing the entire regimen every cycle until it works.

I feel like (and I told him) we don’t have time for the scientific method. To which Hubs said, “Sure we do. We have plenty of time.”

I was kind of struck by this. In the sense that we’re young enough (which seems to be what he meant), yes, we have years and years. But the allotment of time within those years, assuming he stays in the military, is not always amenable to having babies. At least, not in my opinion, and mine is pretty important here. This particular effort is probably going to have to expire if it doesn’t work out before spring. Moving to Japan – it complicates things. I’m not ready to definitely say there will be no spawning while living in Japan, but there are lots of reasons I’m tempted to say it. For now I’ll leave it at this: I am not planning to deliver in Japan without knowing a little more about our living situation there and the ship’s deployment schedule. That gives us roughly six more months of trying, at least this time. And six months, for me, does not work out to six cycles. Five if they are good ones, maybe three if they aren’t.

Pardon me if I feel compelled to try everything I can right now. All the variables I can think of.


2 thoughts on “The Scientific Method (Can Go To Hell)

  1. so the thing about the scientific method and ttc is that, well, you’ll never know what finally did the trick – but the way i look at is that it’s a hell of a lot easier to wonder what worked than what didn’t, right? So mix up as many variables as you want! Besides, maybe it’s some magical combination of everything you’ve got going and not just one thing…

    I’ve discovered a funny little fact about trying to get pregnant, which is that once you start, it’s pretty much impossible to stop. Even if you have a month or two where you’re not throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the task, the truth is, that journey doesn’t really seem to have an end. At least, it hasn’t for me. And so the idea of having all this “time” becomes kind of irrelevant. The point is – you’ve started. You’ve decided you want a child, and now you’re trying to conceive one. That isn’t the sort of project you just go back to when it suits you. Again – at least for me. I don’t know, i mean, i can totally see what your husband is saying… but i understand the need to be dealing with right now. Completely.

  2. Eff the scientific method! Like Emily said, you never know what it is that makes the difference – and there’s no way around the fact that luck (or even just factors we don’t understand yet) plays a role. You can do the exact same thing three months in a row and get pregnant the third month, for no reason that you can figure out.

    Your move to Japan sounds exciting. 🙂

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