Careful What I Wish For

You know how I was all like “I just love my period! I can’t wait until the full flow starts and things are going to be great!”?

Yeah. Ms. Menses went, “Oh, you like me now, do you? Well then you’ll really like THIS!!!” And then there was blood everywhere.

Seriously though. An average period is in the one to three ounce range, for the entirety of a given month’s bleeding. My Diva Cup has a one ounce capacity. I filled it in four hours this morning. Usually I have no issues leaving the cup in for 8 to 12 hours (as the manufacturer suggests). I hadn’t had any leak problems with the device up until today, but apparently when it’s full, well… We all have those middle school mortification stories, right? We all used to have that nightmare? Alright, no, it wasn’t that bad, but I certainly had flashbacks today. I went to pee before going downstairs for my shift at the library’s public service desk, and – well, at least the mess in my underwear was superficial. I am so very glad I had picked the dark pants over the khakis. Disaster averted. Narrowly.

But hey, I’m still in a good mood overall. I did blather on about wanting a full uterine flush, and that certainly seems to be what’s happening. A big reset, indeed.


7 thoughts on “Careful What I Wish For

  1. Wow, that is pretty darn heavy because I know the Divacup’s supposed to hold quite a bit – especially since a lot of women use it fine for the entire night! I guess with pads/tampons the leaks will slowly appear, but when the cup overflows, OMG 😕 I can’t even begin to imagine – blood bath?! One of my ex’s leaked in my car once and it was just a bit but already a challenge to get the stain out – I would not dare think of it it was an overflowed cup instead! I’m totally for the Divacup, although when accidents happen – they don’t seem to be as “mild” of a case!

    Glad to hear that your period came full-flow and get your systems clear! Cheers.

    • Usually I can use it the entire night – but with 57 days last cycle for the endometrium to build up, and then using progesterone to bring on the bleeding, I should have planned on backup!

  2. LOL, I shouldn’t have said “back out” – should be “Sounds like a good idea to get some maternity pads!” – lol, whops. But yes, English is not my first language in my defense.. 😀

  3. This kind of reminds me of how my first real period went after i had my IUD removed. We were racing around town doing last-minute errands, and within only a couple of hours, i managed to leak through a tampon, through a pad, through my underwear and jeans (r noticed it in the grocery store, i was incredibly lucky to have a sweater to tie around my waist) and, of course, onto the car seat of his parents, car. The best part? It was the morning of our wedding! Awesomeness. No worries about the white dress at all, right? But yeah, that was exactly what r called it: a “flush” after everything had been building up for way too long. Clear out and make room for baby!

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