Today’s Conversation With A Medical Professional

(Two posts in one day? Astonishment!)

Today was update-the-doctor day, and I actually did call – yay me for not making excuses to wait until Monday! (I am so bad with doctors.) The receptionist was totally on the ball and not caught off guard whatsoever by my call (shouldn’t really impress me, but does). She asked if I’d taken a pregnancy test today (yes, see the previous post) and if I’d started my period yet (no), then she put me on hold while she fetched a nurse. May I pause to say, I love it when the medical professional you’re talking to has already been filled in and is looking at your chart so you don’t have to repeat all of your personal details. That is super fantastic.

Dr. W had implied, at the appointment a month ago, that if I didn’t get my period by deadline day, I would come in the office for a pregnancy test and then maybe be given whatever hormone to induce menstruation. That is not what happened when I called. The nurse I talked to seemed to be comfortable with the negative HPT as a conclusive result. As to the latter, well, if I was in a hurry, I suspect I could have brought it up, but I’m kind of not feeling rushed for the next cycle (hang on, I’ll explain in a minute). Anyway I think it’s pretty damn likely it’ll show up on its own before the weekend is over, so I’m happy to not throw more unnecessary, unhelpful foreign chemicals into the cauldron of my uterus. So I’m not really feeling disappointed about it. (There’s part of me that’s foolishly, stubbornly going “There’s still a chance for this month! Go buy more pregnancy tests! Take one tomorrow!”)

This nurse was also, honestly, not extremely interested in hearing about how this cycle had gone. I told her I didn’t think I’d ovulated until day 27, and she didn’t seem to even really process that information. She said “Your notes say you probably normally ovulate around day 18?” Uh, I guess so? It was 17 for a while and then it’s been either all over the place or possibly not at all. “For now let’s go ahead and assume it’ll be around day 18 next time. And you can use OPKs to detect it.” I used OPKs this time from day 12 to day 20-something when I ran out and I never got a positive. “Oh, well, sometimes OPKs can be wrong, too.” She was also not very impressed by the spotting (then again, I glossed over it a bit). But you know what? I’m not even particularly upset over this random nurse’s lack of interest in my present cycle. If it were my doctor and I was in the office and the conversation had gone similarly, that would be really annoying – but since it’s a nurse I’ve never spoken to before who has only some notes to go by, I am not really faulting her. Next time I go for an appointment, I will rehash all of this with Dr. W and be mad if he doesn’t listen, but right now it’s not bothering me so much.

What did get me a little riled was when she said that I was supposed to have called and come in for a post-coital test on ovulation day but I “didn’t do that.” What?! No. He said the first cycle on the Clomid, we would just see how it went, and then the next cycle we would try the post-coital test and then maybe a progesterone test after that. And besides that I’m not even 100% sure what day was O day or if it happened at all, so it would have been rather difficult for me to call and come in on O day. To which she said “Ok then, I’m just going by the notes.”

Here’s where I liked her though. “Here’s what we’re going to do.” Yes! Tell me! Let’s get a plan! “Take the second round of Clomid, use OPKs and do the charting – ” Yes! Proactive! ” – and on day 18 or whenever you ovulate, come in for the post-coital test.” GREAT! Let’s get some answers here!


We’re taking the next cycle off from trying. I know! Right in the middle of the good news! But I told you a while ago about the moving troubles. (I also said I wasn’t going to really try in July, and then did (and took Clomid!!) anyway, but I’m for realz this time.) We do have more clarification on the dates that Hubs will be at the short course before Leadership School; he’ll be several hundred miles away for a two-week-plus time period in mid/late May, and I really want him to be part of the birth experience, dammit. I guess I will allow that if my period holds off for another week or so, it would push the due date into June’s more favorable territory. Otherwise, it’s safe sex in my house for the next little bit.

I told the nurse the abbreviated version and she became sort of understandably exasperated with me – “Well, do what you want, if you don’t want to get pregnant this month you don’t have to…” Ha. At this point the entire call has disintegrated into complete pointlessness.

Still, there is a plan. We’ll take the month off. I will give my thermometer a break. I’ll recharge my enthusiasm battery. Then I’ll call Dr. W’s office on the first day of my next next period (the nurse said to). I’ll take Clomid on the proper days, and chart and take OPKs and eat healthy and not drink any coffee or booze and I’ll meditate and be de-stressed. Then I’ll go in around day 18 of that cycle for the post-coital test, and then figure out what the next step will be. Sounds super, doesn’t it?


4 thoughts on “Today’s Conversation With A Medical Professional

  1. oh, we love our medical professionals, don’t we? “you really don’t need to do all that to get pregnant, just keep trying!”/”you’re really not doing enough to get pregnant, i guess that’s fine if that’s what you want…” And then they tell us not to stress. Genius.

    All in all, though, this does sound like it went pretty well, even if it does kind of suck that right when everyone is getting on board with the go-ahead plan, you have to take a break. But maybe your period will hold out for a little while and you’ll be able to do the clomid cycle again next time, who knows!? Not that you’re going to enjoy waiting even longer. But then we can both be super healthy and super relaxed and uncaffeinated or boozed up and be SO PREGNANT TOGETHER by the end of it all! Uh-huh. That’s just what’s going to happen.

  2. At the end of the last paragraph, I feel like it should say, “moving on.”


    I’m glad there’s a plan.

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