These Digital Tests, They Get Right To The Point

negative HPT

As expected.


3 thoughts on “These Digital Tests, They Get Right To The Point

  1. ouch, they really do, don’t they? Then again, i guess that’s better than a magic 8 ball’s “better not tell you now” or “reply hazy, try again.”

    …so this Clomid thing hasn’t really given you any answers, has it? You still don’t have a clear picture of ovulation or of impending period. What do you think you’ll do at this point, do you know if your doctor wants to run any tests or anything? (ha! expecting help from our doctors!)

    • It probably is better to be blunt than to leave me squinting at the spot where the second line would be going “Is there actually a faint line or do I just really really really want it to be there?” That being said, this was the only HPT in the house, and the next ones I buy will probably be the analog type just because of the cost. If I’m going to throw money away, I should be slightly cheap about it, right?

      So no, the Clomid hasn’t helped out any – but I did start it at day 7 when ideally I would have started it at day 3 or 5. Maybe it would have gone better if I’d done things properly. I need to call the doctor today and tell him how things went, and then I’ll probably do another post once I’ve talked to him.

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