And In Other News…

Um, hi. Blogging has been the farthest thing from my mind in the last several days. My non-reproductive life has been kind of intense.

We found out on Monday where the Navy will be sending us, and it’s a doozy: Japan. We had told the detailer that we were somewhat interested in that particular billet, but it wasn’t number one on our list and neither of us really expected it would happen. Deep breath here, because I’m talking somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 months from now, with a relocation to the East Coast in between; also, it’s a shortish tour of duty at a year and a half. Still, wrapping my brain around this idea is taking some mental gymnastics. There will be implications for my reproductive decision-making, but I will air that out later.

I’ve barely even given myself time to process this pretty fundamentally ground-shaking development, though, because I’m totally embroiled right now in some pretty effed up family dramatics. It’s complicated and I’ll spare the gory details, but here’s the basics. Hubs has this aunt who on the one hand is very, very ill, but on the other hand is and always has been a very, very difficult person to get along with. With me, as long as I’ve known her, she has consistently and systematically treated everything I say or feel as completely not valid. On a couple of occasions, I have stood up and said “What you just did was offensive to me and I don’t appreciate it,” and each time I do that she throws a humongous fit about what a terrible person I am. This time, the equation goes like this.

Hubs’ innocuous FB post + my innocuous comment + 2 trivializing comments by PsychoAunt and 1 by the grandmother + my “I don’t appreciate that” comment = TOTAL FUCKING MELTDOWN.

In which suddenly not just am I a terrible person, but I’m a terrible person who is driving a wedge between Hubs and his entire family with my perpetual antagonism, and also I am “part of the problem” as she fights her terrible illness. So rather than spending my stress on figuring out the rules for quarantining my pets or how to get a driver’s license when I relocate to the Far East, instead I’m trying to diffuse this ridiculous and hopeless situation so that I’m not held accountable for ruining Hubs’ relationship with the rest of his family after PsychoAunt is, um, no longer with us. (Otherwise, I could give two craps what she thinks about me.)

Oh yes, and this whole mess is further complicated by the fact that we’ve had one of Hubs’ old college buddies as a guest in our tiny, tiny home this week. So the poor guy has to bear the full spectacle of my being a total quivering ball of whacko.

Unbelievably, as just one more fucking thing, I think I finally had a thermal shift as of yesterday/today. (Hey look, my uterus does make an appearance here!) I ran out of OPKs last week and was too frustrated to buy more when I was convinced it just plain wasn’t going to happen this cycle, so, I don’t know for sure. But with the house guest and the shit storm and my continuing need for pantyliners, we haven’t had a go since Saturday night… which isn’t totally out of the window, but it’s not the concentrated effort I would have liked to put into it.

Whew. It’s so nice to have a place to unload.


6 thoughts on “And In Other News…

  1. wow, this whole family situation sounds like it sucks balls. i’m so sorry. is it any consolation to know that at least if there has to be a melodramatic family member, it isn’t you? I hope you guys are able to resolve this relatively peacefully… and can i say HOT DAMN JAPAN!? That is COOL! (and to think you had a chance of winding up in san diego… talk about winning the move lottery!) That is not to say that it’s all easy-breezy, i’m sure this whole thing must be incredibly stressful for the two of you in a lot of ways. But at least, if you have to go through it, it’s for some place as freaking cool as Japan! Any idea where? Also, you and i are in a similar less-than-intense-effort boat this month. Moving (or waiting to hear about a move amidst family drama) will do that to you, apparently.

    • The base is close to Nagasaki. There’s a pretty large US contingent in the area, so it won’t be completely alien once we get there. But there is just a ton of extra considerations we’ll have to make. I’ll talk a LOT more about Japan, I’m sure. 🙂

  2. You know, I was thinking… (and this might be a touch malevolent of me, so sorry if it offends). But… soon, you’re going to have a baby. And you can punish Crazy Aunt by not allowing her or her brood to meet the baby. Really, it would be best for the baby’s health – you wouldn’t want her to catch crazy.

    • Ha, I like it in principle… However part of the complaint from her (and grandmother, who’s been totally brainwashed by PsychoAunt) is that I’ve somehow separated Hubs from his family, and I think that would only get worse if I deliberately did so with our spawn. I’m sure I’ll already be blamed by them for having/raising our child in a foreign country instead of back home near family where we belong.

  3. Oh, I think I read somewhere that it’s culturally expected of Americans to have “help” while living in Japan. Cause… you know… rich culture in all, so EVERYONE must be rich. But dude…. you could have HELP. How cool would that be???

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